Roblox Ping


In all Roblox games, my ping is stupidly high. In QClash, I get 1000ms ping. The worst I’ve seen is in Arsenal today.
None of my other games exceed 150ms ping, and my internet is fine. This all started about a week ago. Can someone help?




You sound surprised, as if this is some kinda brand new thing, despite it happening for ages. Also, is this really the right place to even talk about this? I dont think the Devs can really do anything about other games on Roblox


Ya think your pings high, ive hit 100k the other day


After a couple sessions on PF today, I can safely say I can relate to the hell your experiencing.

Ping got bad. Really bad. I peaked at about 2000ms and averaged in the hundreds (500). The lag got so bad at one point that my pointer in-game fucking disappeared, restricting my access to the menus and such. Honestly, Roblox really does need to fix this, because its cuckish and me and a lot of other people were and are frustrated.


the stupidest thing i have seen so far with roblox is that my ping based on speedtest is literally 6ms

on roblox, its 200ms

and i do a speedtest again, its says 6ms



my ping ranges from 60 to 7000


ive been up to 10000 once


pathetic ive hit 100k before


Sometimes my ping flatlines at 500MS or random spike to 700-1000MS and just drop down to 150MS, even though i have decent computer and good internet(i rarely had any lag issues on my other devices like my PS4)


You need this as where you play roblox when they have this instead

Here’s where you write the command