Rip cor5, bring back!

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Anyone remember the old times? When COR5 was a thing well I think Stylis Studios should make a remastered version off it as of it was a YUGE hit back then and if they remake it they will make a lot robux well if you do read this lito please make a remasted version off it was so fun on my old account please add it back and if you do read this lito please remake it.

Edit: Stop posting shit on my post that shouldn’t be here you have reddit for that.


Remastered is already in the makes.


A remastered is coming soon.*



If CoR5 comes out and it’s an unbelievable hit like everyone says it is, phantom forces might lose a shit ton of players, maybr even die.

But hey, I’m not jumping to conclusions yet.
It’s just a theory


a g a m e t h e o r y





Back then, the quality of games was pretty low, so when CoR5 came out, it was a game changer, not for its quality, but for the game itself (so literally it was good because it wasn’t a tycoon or an obby).

This sounds more like bribery than an actual reason. What’s to say that CoR5 will be as successful as it was back then? Rather than “you’ll make money”, actually give a reason as to why they should bother to begin with. Sure, it’s a good idea, but how do you guarantee financial gain where ultimately, its the community that allows this to happen?

Just because you like it, doesn’t mean everyone else likes it. This refers back to the guarantee point I made earlier. Also, you repeated yourself. :confused:

Don’t get me wrong, I’d honestly like to see CoR5 make a return, but this suggestion isn’t the greatest proposition.

What’s this doing in the Community Project tag?


You say this, but it doesn’t negatively affect the team at all, considering both games are under StyLis Studio (I presume).


cor 5 is a better game then every fps currently out on roblox. the quality is there


No game is objectively better.


w0t m8


cool opinion


no it’s true


thats an opinion as well




Boy, that is known as an OPINION.

Maybe this will help.


but its not opinion


maybe I have to repeat


All of us have already told you.
Your statement is subjective. Not OBJECTIVE.
Do you need another definition to help your unstable mind from realizing that what you said is an opinion?


it is not opinion