Revisiting My First Thread Post (Why the AK12 is one of the best assault rifles in the game.)

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AN-94 is good as a anti-sniper weapon, only a retard wouldn’t know to use it


Im glad you guys have good taste.


AK12: Decent starter assault rifle with a special faster RPM burst.
AN-94: Burn deeper than hell.
AS VAL: Straight upgrade from the Honey BADger, Amazing.
SCAR-L: Belgian, so you know it’s excellent.
AUG A1: Amazing for both beginners and pro’s.
M16A4: Burst lovers love this.
G36: For people that hate the AUG series, Can’t wait for the remodel to be in the test place.
M16A3: For people that like the M16A4 but hate burst.
FAMAS G2: For people that still think it’s meta, but they are years too late.
L85A2: These people like the SCAR-L but want a bit more fire rate, Still a good weapon which caused that one incident on me.
HK416: They have dropped the Honey BADger and are now up to date with the new fashions of Youtuber Meta’s.
AK47: Who can hate this?
AUG A2: Basically AUG lovers, but they hate the scope and want more POWER!
AK74: They love the AK47 but don’t like the recoil.
AUG A3: Basically AUG lovers, but they want less recoil!
AKM: They love the AK47, but they want to be more modern.
AK103: They love the AK47, but hate wood.
M231: Amazing only in the right hands.


For someone who thinks the AN-94 is bad, you seem to die more often to it than kill its users. :thonk:


Well that’s normal, considering I’m a grenade magnet.
Every grenade thrown somehow warps on my feet and I die.

I hate grenades so much.


Either your’e grenade blind or the enemies are targeting you


the famas would be meta if it had the realistic fire rate of
1 1 0 0 R P M


honestly tho I wish it had 1000 rpm


rip famas popularity

Now its the Hk416 cause its borderline OP


Poll closed, AK103 won.

Guess I know what I’m working on next.


YEET I’m the deciding vote


Makes me wonder why there aren’t many people who voted an-94 despite being more like a dmr :thinking:


AN94 is amazing until we get to default irons. those succ.


IKR but if you look at the voting results only 1 person voted AN-94 as the best assault rifle. I personally think it is a strong contender for being the best, but I voted AK-103 as the best because it can consistently 3shot torso at all range with armor piercing.

CameronKidBB is so going to body me on that I think


I’ve got that AK103 analysis thread in the works. Chances are I’ll ask why the AN didn’t win… again.


Can we just tell Camaro to use his AP loadout on his AN-94 with those crappy iron sights?