Revisiting My First Thread Post (Why the AK12 is one of the best assault rifles in the game.)

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This was a very interesting claim that I made back in September of 2018 (if I recall correctly), at the time I had way less experience with the game, and just wanted to get attention. This thread is all about debunking what I said, and replacing that with my new outlook.

One thing I didn’t include was it’s stats, here they are now:


Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Assault Rifle
Rank Prerequisites Rank 0
Damage 33 → 20
Range 70 max → 120 min

|Magazine Size|30, 31 with round in chamber|
|Ammo Reserve|120|
|Fire Modes|Auto, 3× Burst, & Semi|
|Rate of Fire|Auto: 700 RPM
3× Burst: 1000 RPM|

The first thing I pointed out was the common ammo type. Honestly, this isn’t even a good argument as most of the Assault Rifles in the game can pick up ammo from other weapons in the same class. (E.G an M16A3 could pick up AK-12 ammo too) Besides, I still switch to my pistol all the time when I use it.

Next I pointed out how “bUrSt MoDe Is CrAzy”. Honestly, the AN-94 has a much better burst firing mode, and the M16A4 also has an excellent burst fire mode. Plus, that excellent 1000 RPM firerate in burst that I talked about, is really only achievable with an autoclicker, even with near-perfect human inputs.

I then point out the good accuracy and low recoil. The funny thing is, the AK-74 also has excellent accuracy and (imo) easier to control recoil than the AK12!

Then for some reason I talk about how it supports different play styles. To be honest, that almost entirely sums up the Assault Rifle class as a whole. With the exception being the M231.

Alright, I’m gonna do a poll, I think it’s better that you guys decide this rather than me, especially considering my questionable views in the past.

Yall will decide, what is truly the best Fully Automatic Rifle in the game.

  • AK-12
  • M16A4
  • M231
  • AN-94
  • AK-74
  • AKM/AK 103
  • AK-47
  • HK-417
  • Other: Post below

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Don’t mind me, just testing how you made that organized stats list.

Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Another AK-12
Rank Prerequisites Free
Damage Decent
Range Short → Long


you should revive your first post darkman


As val


This is pretty split so far. I’ll most likely close this in around a month or so.


It all depends on the situation.

Unless you’re the FAL, rendering most of the arsenal obsolete in 90% of all situations.


M231 is currently winning by 7%. Most of the other guns are tied. Also, the AN needs some love.


@Darkman_Bree eradicate the part where he says the an 94 needs some love


AN-94 is crap. :wink:




ERROR: Just discovered that it’s called the HK-416… le woops.


SCAR-H. 41 damage. Just… 41 damage. 20 rounds. Smooth and medium recoil. nice RoF. 1.1x chest mult for 45.7 damage. pErFEctLY BaLAnceD


You guys really hate the AN 94 lol


For purposes of hits to kill, 41 damage is no different from 34 damage or 49 damage, the only differences being how many hits to the head could kill given the multiplier, or the range of the 3-hit kill.


Not me.

AP and VCOG turn the AN-94 into a long range monster. 2-burst kills to the torso at any range, low recoil, more bursts than most DMRs have shots, not to mention extremely accurate with good trigger discipline. It’s practically a burst-fire sniper rifle.


The AUG A3 is the best.

Its specialty lies in its astoundingly low recoil. With a compensator and a low-zoom sight, the recoil can become really manageable.


dude if u want medium long range stick ap to a g36 boom


AK12 - good on burst, bad on auto
M16A4 - feels too hard to use, kind of good based on stats
M231 - very situational but extremely powerful in close range
AN94 - bad unless you autoclick to burst spam
AK74 - ok
AKM/103 - pretty good
AK47 - meh/quite good with AP
HK416 - op af


HK416 is german ripoff of the famas
Gameplay wise


AK-12 is only good due to the recoil that’s it