Remaking CTF


I can’t be fucked being on this forum anymore. When I’m criticised everyone supports it but when I do the same, it’s like I’m not allowed to do it.


You’re allowed to. Just know people will respond if they disagree or wanna add something to it


Nobody cares about what I have to say. People take hours out of their day to make me upset


I care, that’s why we’ve been at it back and forth


It just… Hurts… A lot. I wish people knew that


Don’t worry about the people trying to ruin your day man. Maybe you should take time off the damn forum if it bothers you so much and come back later.
I don’t want people feeling like shit over a damn forum where we talk about the game we love.


I took a long break, and when I came back it was just the same thing. I also get disrespected in real life, so it affects me because I can’t figure out if it’s something wrong with me


Well,you did come off as abrasive and hostile at the beginning.
I recommend toning that down a bit


But like I was trying to act like how people treated me


Youre better than that.
Trust me, I understand what you’re going through.
I currently am dealing with some minor depression right now.

I dont plan to kill myself dont worry

I’ve had self esteem issues my whole life. My strategy has always been to almost completely disreguard what people have to say about me behind my back.
I also constantly ask people if I can help out, its kinda just in my personality.
Bottom line, it doesnt really matter what people think, you know yourself. I believe in you, so believe in yourself!


That’s where you messed up. Act like yourself, you’ll be better for it.


I’ll try, but you guys need to accept me back into the forums. That includes you, @Torush1


As if my approval is important…


Approving of me being back? That isn’t your decision


n i g g a d i d i s a y t h a t ? ?

Honestly, idgaf that you’re back. Whether that’s a good thing or outright insulting is entirely your own interpretation. It kinda just seems like begging rn, and that’s making me start to care to disapprove of your return. Seeing you take shit so easily to heart makes me pity you. Not in the sense that your feelings got hurt by someone you really shouldn’t care for, but that you take shit to heart so easily. Ignore me the next time I’m being a ruthless cunt. I’m only a man. :confused:


I just want to be different, it’s hard for me to be normal. Now as for you, how would you feel if you wanted to make up for something you did wrong and some guy hated you to the point that they’d constantly make your life on a forum hell?


I’ve got issues in my life, I can’t just snap them away.


This feud was not begot by you righting wrongs. I never once stated I hate you and I can assure you that’s definitely not the case… yet. Your interpretations are your own, right or wrong. I don’t care. I don’t pity you either; that card’s been abused. Stop giving two shits about me and move on.

I’m not gonna respond to any more responses concerning this garbage, and you shouldn’t either. You really gotta stop being hurt by a dumb fuck on the internet of all things. Really took the piss out of ‘stupid fun’.


Velocity. You said you wished someone’s two year old sister got raped, we’re obviously not going to forget that.

Nobody forgets my previous actions, least of all myself. I simply try to move past them and continue on making better and better content and hey, I’m loved for it.