Remaking CTF


Capture the flag is a pretty good game mode right now but could be improved.

Suggestion 1:everyone respawns when the flag is captured.
This will prevent people from hard camping each other’s flags and promote playing the OBJ even more while also making the game mode more competitive and fun.

Suggestion 2:

And my last suggestion would be to completely disable team spawning. It would make for an (again) more competitive and fairer game mode


Euhh, what if I’m busy designing a custom skin for my weapons?


i assume he means if you were currently alive




This wouldn’t be of any use, as the teams could just go straight back to their flag (since their flags are CLOSE to their spawns)

Honestly if you’re fussed about being killed by a BFG, you shouldn’t be grabbing the flag in the first place - it’ll happen either way, but at least you aren’t giving an incentive

As Mr. E said

It was part of the testing… I wonder why they decided not to go through with it :thinking:

If you get bombarded by 4 people trying to shoot you, and your teammates cannot save you??? Fair???

2/10, needs more work


why would u spawn close to the enemy flag?

This is where the teamplay aspect comes in.
There’s almost no team play in this game. So adding a teamplay aspect adds a new element to keep the game feeling fresh.


That’s how the spawns are placed, dummy.

You’re asking a bunch of 5 year olds to work together



Then just move the flags lol

Just like in actual sports the 5 year olds play in?


Lemme repeat myself

You’re asking a bunch of 5 year olds to work together
What part about that can’t you quantify in your brain


let me relate this to something else now


lemme repeat myself

5 Year olds can play team sports together perfectly fine. Why would this be different?

Besides 5 year olds is a stretch
Most players playing this game is in their teens.


How long have you played Roblox compared to me? Check my account join date. 2013. You think I don’t know how capable most of the player base is? I’ve played since you joined the damn forums!


Not really, those five year olds CANNOT have the same teamwork and sense for teammates as a older team.


How to make CTF better.

Step 1: Add back gun game
Step 2: Remove CTF


My join date was 4/27/2014
I started playing in beta day 1.
Don’t come at me with that shit


I mean, I joined earlier than you and I practically grew up with some of the playerbase and saw what happened to the “newer players”. As time went by, people became less competent. Had you played for so long would you have realised


Not gonn talk about how old my account is. :wink:

Suggestion 1 could use some work. Yes, it prevents camping, but the disturbance of gameplay is too abrupt, even for a sim-cade. Perhaps the screen could fade to black and back out. If this idea were to be incorporated, some text should appear that details which team captured a flag.

I didn’t really like suggestion 2 when I saw it in the original thread (also wtf this should be in that thread). While it may be frustrating to have great progress taken away from you in the blink of an eye, it does make dying that much more devastating and living a lot more crucial. Though perhaps enemy teams could be required to return their stolen flag back to their base? That could be quite broken though…

Suggestion 3 doesn’t really fix any issues with CTF other than people who camp by team bases.

5 year olds are not the dominant demographic (I’d think), especially for a shooter game. I’d be expecting more (pre)teens to be playing PF than any child under 7 years of age. Experience on ROBLOX doesn’t prove that, just common sense.

We still need gun game. :sob:


weird idea
what if instead of respawning if you’re in the general area of the flag, you just get spotted until you leave


The experience isn’t the same with everyone, is it?
Maybe I could be biased but playing in the competitive scene of PF showed me that 12-year-olds could make amazing callouts and even Dominate in certain games.
Playing this type of way showed me a lot of good and competent PF players.
So I do believe teamwork is possible because I’ve seen it work over and over again.

How does joining Roblox first make any difference to the topic at hand?
PF was released in 2015 when both our accounts were already set up.