Potential ideas


There should be an option to lean in this game. There are two ways this could work with the controls. Move the Spotting ability to the T button, and make Leaning Q and E, or make leaning N and M. You can lean in prone mode, and crouch mode. Leaning could help if there is a bunch of people around the corner and you want to kill them without going out into the open. Leaning is a tactical advantage that could help you greatly in-game.

There should be an option to Slow walk, in Pf and this would benefit people trying to get that beautiful angle to have the advantage. There are two logical buttons to make this and that is either Alt or Caps Lock. this would benefit leaning greatly with only exposing your self slightly. In my opinion, this would make a great feature to add.

It would be really cool if you added a Special game mode where it is sort of Similar to Rainbow Six Seige, where it’s a 5v5 in close quarters combat and you need to survive, you only get 5 lives last team alive wins. This might revive the game in the same way that the ready player one event happened.

There should be a ranked mode and you have to be lv 50 or higher to access it, this should be for all the sweaty players who need somewhere to reside. this should have a ranking system that displays in the same sences as a tag. There should be double xp for winning and no xp for losing.

There should be a casual mode for rank 20 and below members, it would be a good way to get rid of high-level players going in there, because high-level players will make new accounts but then get bored and leave.

There should be a warmup mode that would be a creative touch to it and it would make warming up for ranked mode very good. it would be like a private server, your friends can join but it will get boring everyonce in a while.

Those are all my ideas


I mean, PF isnt supposed to be R6, its charm comes from the simplicity. People play R6 to play R6. People play phantom forces to play phantom forces.

That’s just too much for PF. Itd look cool but it runs the simplicity I just stated above.


This is in a game called bad business which is a dumbed-down pf it should ad a good touch


Bad business is a better PF.


I hate games so much for having this, * cough * Bad Business…

Well, technically we have 3: Normal walking, crouching and proning.

It sounds fun, but the thing is, the players that run out of lives will leave in boredom, killing off a server that recently played that gamemode.

I like this, except the XP part, it should still be regular PF, but with a level requirement.

I don’t know if you can do this on Roblox, but if casual mode for rank 20 and below is added, High-level players can still make alts and use their big skills to dominate the servers.

Those are pretty much VIP servers.


Yeah, nevermind the horrendous spawnkilling, lazy map design, ttk, and a lot of mechanics that it’s quite lackluster in. The gameplay is fluid, but it gets stomped out by PF in other things that it needs to do better in to be more viable competition. It’s fun, it’s just hard to appreciate it over PF.


Leaning’s a nice feature to have, although I’d much prefer to keep Spotting binded to the E key and make leaning automatically activated when at the end of a corner.

Just crouch walk.

I dont think this can work if you just slap it in the game. Based on gameplay I’ve seen, Seige is where a team of 5 break into a building being held in a seige (go figure). The problem here is that PF completely lacks any maps that work for this style. You cant just apply this to a regular map either, because it doesnt really feel like Seige anymore. Next, you would need actual special grenades, gadgets, drones, and many other items & mechanics that couldn’t really fit into PF. And you cant leave them out, because then it just feels like a 5v5 in a confined building. I’m also not too fond of the idea of more lives. It feels more proper to have the traditional elimination rather than 5 lives. It’s too forgiving.

I kinda like this idea more than the others, although the XP Boost just feels unfair, especially for lower ranks, and just to increase risk since this is Ranked, you should in fact lose XP, although only for a loss, but it shouldn’t be too heavy a loss of XP, but also not too light.

I really dislike this suggestion in particular. All players regardless of rank should be able to participate in Casual Mode, because its Casual. The thing is that casual is meant for players who just want to have fun, they wanna enjoy the game, and they have no desire to be the most dominant player in the server. If this is the mentality of Casual, then why aren’t high ranks allowed? It’s a bit of a stereotype to assume that all high ranks are competitive, egotistical asshats that are there because their life goal is to dominate a Roblox game. And yes, it’s true to a degree, but you also have to consider the minority of high ranks who are there to fuck around and have fun. Besides, by adding a Ranked Mode, I’m sure all the clout chasing high ranks will rush there to get some 100-kill games against the equally skilled.

Maybe this could be added to main game intermissions to give the players something to do. The ability to join is kept completely optional tho, to consider players who want to stay in the lobby, to roll skins, customize skins, create loadout’s, or relax a little before going back into the heat of Lego battlefield wankery combat. Also, the opportunity to gain XP from warmup can even be given aswell, but only a little so that fat nerds dont farm the hell out of it.

Suggestions aren’t bad by any means, just flawed. If this does feel more like I’m taking the piss out of this, I’ll just say there are much worse suggestions on here that actually need and have had the piss taken out of them.


Spawn immunity is a thing.

The maps are more open and work with the game’s movement mechanics better than PF.

PF is incredibly laggy and toxic and has some of the most unreliable hit verification I’ve ever seen. Knifing in black ops 2 was more consistent. This is not nearly as much of an issue in Bad Business.


.bad business is nothing like PF imo aside from being fast paced

polyguns exists, and this is a reboot of it.


Eh, sniping is sluggish af.

The movement is great tho, parkour and shit.

Also the weapon handling animation isnt on par with pf.

And shotgun is just straight up useless, the spread is weird, the handling is weird, the aim down sight spread is weird.


I like the idea of leaning, but it might not fit the gunplay of Phantom Forces well.
I like the idea of casual mode, but I don’t think high Ranks should be forced on specific servers. While yes that does mean there will be matches with better balance, it will become basically impossible to grind KD and high kill matches.

Out of all of these, I REALLY want to see an official competitive mode, I would most likely create an ALT that I use specifically for comp just so I don’t have to worry about my KD. Chances are, I will also be able to improve quicker too.

As a side note, a project was started a while ago called “Hardcore PF”, but it was really more of a fan-made thing (kinda like modded phantom forces), that didn’t really go anywhere. It was an attempt at hardcore realistic PF. Some of the ideas you mentioned were discussed on the thread below, most notably a comp mode with a Rank prerequisite.
Also we discussed having it Pay-to-play only, but that’s a separate topic all together.

Here is the link if you’re curious: What if we went for a more realistic approach lol


To a certain degree I am guilty of this. I just have a really competitive personality.

I would like to think I’m not all that egotistical however. But if I ever am, please call me out on it. I want to improve as a person as much as I want to improve my KDR in pf.


Although the spawn immunity can get you so far. The spawn killer always has the chance of evasion. It’s nice the maps are open, but they still need to make them different on the opposite sides. It all screams lazy design to me.




tell me this isnt close to polyguns. bad business feels just like it too


I’ve played polygons to completion. I’ve unlocked basically everything in that game. Every gun, most costumes, and every piece of equipment. There is nobody more qualified to tell you just how wrong you are than me.


How about the devs


You mean the ones who have abandoned it and not expanded upon and explored the existing meta for years?


Nevermind the fact that it has a literal P2W weapon but ok