Plz make a option that turns off the you were killed by this weapon


so i really hate this option it looks bad even when you are killed it is annoying i rather just look at the map then look at someone’s weapon, even for a trade kill i would like a option to turn it off i really wish this could have a option, and also plz make it so the game gets rid of dead bodies faster, that causes lag


I hate it too, it looks bad and has no reason when it tells you it anyway.


Put feature requests in #phantom-forces:feature-requests , not #phantom-forces:updates

The tag #phantom-forces:updates is meant for feedback on the new updates

This is more of a #phantom-forces:feature-requests

I have repeated so many tags within this one post, someone help me get a life


Yes please.
I don’t like this.


I agree with you in regards to this


Not only that, the feature is broken. Would like a toggle to disable it, if not removal of the feature altogether.


dont revive a 5 month old thread