Pimp My Gun Dump


Oh crap, I thought it was ammo for my rocket launcher.

Wait… it still exploded like a rocket though…


oh, what a shame, use me next time?

CasualEgg Introduces:


Description: Literally just me but under a new name, I cannot go automatic, but much rather, I am an ammo type, I can cause collateral healing, along with collateral damage, my fingers can be used for your standard assault rifle, and my fingertips can be used as pistol rounds, my entire body itself can be used as rocket launcher ammo, for max power use this type of rocket launcher:


what the fuck how are you healthy


who said I was healthy?


How the heck did you make that in pimp my gun


I didn’t this was just google search for circus cannon sorry, I don’t have my computer


Introducing my AUG battle rifle!
Steyr AUG BR (fictional varaiant)

The magazines used in this gun are the SR25 mag (top) and HK417 mag (bottom)


that weird Mp5 thing but i actually give it a rear sight and stock
weird MP5 thing but it shoots 5.56 and shouldn’t be able to but yes

now it’s t a c t i c o o l


ur mom
*dabs in tub of hot sauce *


no u


some weird AR with a weird boolet




ay that mp5 handguard kinda cheeky
makes it look a lil like a taiwanese ar-15



A colt smg but it’s in .50 AE




what the fuck happened with the stock


this is giving me OCD so i made this but i used the default template m4 and the actual stock beacuse your stock makes me wanna burn my eyes


That Minimi Para stock looks painful compared to Heckgod’s alternative.


I used a different one. I thought the m249 stock was the only stock that looked like that


Colt .50AE MK2

And made a SCAR SSR CQC