Pimp My Gun Dump


I’m reviving the thread with:

The RK-95-TP (rynnäkkökivääri 95 taittoperä), Requested by @Suomiball (sorry for the wait)


A Musket

I’m open to more requests (for CF guns too). and as always, quote this post for the import codes.


Holy shit, That RK is sweet.

Mind providing me the paste code? If you even have it.

I seriously want to make an RK-95/RK-62M1 hybrid.


I have it in the post, It’s just hidden because
you can quote my posts for the code


Worked out better than i thought.


Attempted downgrade of @FreeenchFries 's Rynnäkkökivääri 95 taittoperä to an Rynnäkkökivääri 62.


Re-making this tomorrow, looks shit.


someone make a grenade/rocket launcher lmao


Welcome back.


thanks i guess :sweat_smile: I’m not really gone that much. I pop in every now and again but dont reply to any posts.


I made both.


DPC proudly introduces:

Great Rifle With Scope-42

I am the import code!


New gun to modify!


Nobody asked, but we delivered anyway.


Great Rifle Without Scope

The GROWS has been modified to fire .50 S-FUYA

.50 S-FUPYA stands for .50 Short-Fuck Up Your Arm


I’m making a NTW 20 but I need help on the handle, does anyone have any ideas?


you ever just



it shoots boom boom and p e n e t r a t i o n (not against tanks sadly)


Why is the mag going through the sight


it’s meant to be on the other side of the gun
but hey that’s just a theory
a game theory
thanks for watching


Snas Undertale is Nos