Pimp My Gun Dump


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took my son hunting. it turned the deer i shot into a cow with wings…and it had the mouth of a shark. woudnt reccomend for hunting. made my finger tiny… 4 stars



Just a random HK417 build i made on my freetime.
Yes, that’s a Daniel Defense Omega 12.0 rail on an HK417…


that’s actually impossible because universal cellular change across an organism requires all of the cells to share identical DNA. This is highly unlikely to happen, as the way gamma, alpha, and beta radiation is emitted is highly random and unpredictable. Universal DNA damage across all cells without surgical DNA modification is impossible. If the reproductive cells such as sperm and egg are irradiated and suffer DNA damage, then the offspring of the irradiated organism would carry the effects of the DNA modification.




CHICO FIREARMS introduces!

The CF:CR21 Chico Firearms: Carbine Rifle 2021

yay i just found out how to make small text, anyways quote post for code and way to make small text




Felt like taking a break from CF today, so here’s my take on the KH-2002 (Khaybar 2002).

as always quote for (now abnormally long) code

Gonna recreate more IRL guns from now on, will still make some CF guns


bro you just posted cringe



are you still canning the weekly anime pfp change or are you bringing it back


I want him to have the anime pfp back


DPC has been hired by Belgium to make a beautiful machine pistol:


Belgium-Machine Pistol

WARNING: May contain signs of uranium, If you send us to court, we will have proof that we do not have or use uranium even though it’s very obvious that we actually do, oh and… We use Uranium Bullets for the B-MP.


I am the import code!


Quebec Industries introduces!

We stol-Bought a B-MP, Removed all Uranium that we found and re-vamped the gun.
And we might have sold some to the Finnish Defence Forces.


DPC proudly introduces:

The DPC & Co Supply Crate:

(Requires a key to open, Costs 499 Robux)


I am the crate code!


Bought and opened, nothing inside. DPC please fix.


What do you mean?
Are you telling the radioactive air escaped when you opened it?


Wait what, OH, so that’s why all of my employees got sick. See you in court!




Well crap.
But wait, I’ve got evidence that all of your firearms do infact contain uranium.
Fun fact, inside one of your firearms, WE FOUND A NUCLEAR BOMB
No you cant.
It’s even branded with your logo.


I can explain.


We’re willing to settle this with a custom-made gun.