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Quebec Industries ACRMK1 V1
The QI ACRMK1 V1 is an Remington ACR modified to civilian-spec by removing the full-auto feature.
The ACRMK1 V1 is a full package featuring an handguard rail, AIMPOINT COMP M3 Red dot with an 3x Magnifier, Daniel Defense Vertical Grip, Insight AN/PEQ-15 and an custom Lower-reciever.
MSRP: 10448.50$


I need this


I reimagined @FreeenchFries’s BANG.

Introducing the Chacom BANG-308!

Bonus: I also retrofied the BANG as the D-74 “Boomrod”.


Eh, just fiddled around with custom rails and crap.


how do i quote for code

i am speed



ty my good sir


BANG-9mm A
bad at naming guns 9mm auto

because why not


honestly i forgot what i named my company thing so uh yeah i’m calling it shoot shoot mcscoot inc. now
the SSMI skorpion vevo, which is no way related to a scorpion evo

quote for thing because yes


Quebec Industries presents.

The QI SSMI SKORPION VEVO is a modification of the mcscoot inc SSMI SKORPION VEVO.
The MOD 1 has an upgraded Bolt, stock and other internal parts.
The package also includes a vertical grip, two upgraded flip-up sights and an Aimpoint Comp M2.


DPC had a recent new harvest in fresh radioactive Uranium crops!
Since it’s the summer season, they are extra fresh and extra radioactive!
So we have made our newest Assault Rifle:


Radio Active Assault Rifle 5845
(5845 is the kilograms of Uranium we used in 1 gun)

I am the radioactive import code!


@FreeenchFries can i steal your idea of using quotes because i’m too lazy to go into pastebin?


7.62 Bullpup Pistol
why? because i haven’t slept in 12 hours.

do the thing i totally didn’t steal from fries for code


@Darkman_Bree use polonium instead of uranium, polonium is much more radioactive


that means the gun has a volume of at least 306,021 cubic centimeters? that’s twice the size of a regular microwave!


that’s more than 2 football fields


Don’t worry, we compressed the matter, luckily no Black Holes we’re made.


Blast zombies with CHICO FIREARMS

ASG-69 (Apocalyptic ShotGun 2069)

quote this post for the import code as always

also @meme_s this code-sharing method isn’t patented so you can just use it


Nuclear Waste Sniper Rifle 5 rounds of ammo max
This rifle stores nuclear waste on the brink of its melting point and fires it towards its target at supersonic speeds. The bullets melt mid-flight due to friction and turn into molten splatters of radioactive metal that kills your targets through a combination of flesh wounds, radiation and heavy metal poisoning. Unfortuneately, you can only wield this rifle for 10 minutes a year before you receive your maximum yearly safe dose. The lead shielding required has also made this rifle significantly heavier. The waste is also incredibly hot; due to cooling limitations, only 5 pellets of nuclear waste is stored per magazine.


also, uranium is not too radioactive, so it can be handled without protection. In fact, the uranium’s heavy metal toxicity is more dangerous than its radiation hazard. On the other hand, my nuclear waste gun shoots plutonium and cesium-137, which are very radioactive. My reactor also produces cobalt 57 and cobalt 60 too, so my bullets emit both gamma, alpha, and beta radiation.