Pimp My Gun Dump


So a knock off saiga.



Even though the QRASV1 not based on the AK Platform?


that mag is so small jeez


Presenting the DIE-LASER-D Destructively Intelligent Entity’s Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Device
From the newly made company called DIE Destructively Intelligent Entity
This laser fires 10 10 ms bursts in one second. It outputs 420 gigawatts in that 1 second burst. The laser is pure gamma radiation. It’s powered by several RTG cells, which use the radioactive decay of uranium to produce energy. We neglected the shielding because it would be too heavy. As a consequence, the uranium’s decay product, radon, slowly seeps from the energy pack. Of course, everything is highly radioactive.


some weird MP5 thing chambered in 50 AE


Presenting the QRLTL

Quebec Rifleworks Less Than Lethal

The QRLTL is an less than lethal weapon aimed for US Law Enforcement agencies.
The QRLTL fires the QR 7.62 SLTL round.


Quebec Rifleworks presents.



Presenting the DED Radioactive Mace, a powerful melee weapon!
From the new company of DED DerpCube’s Exceptional Doohickeys
The head of the mace is made of uranium wrapped around a core of high strength steel. If you were to insert additional uranium into the hollow steel core, the uranium would go super-critical and the head of the mace would become a nuclear bomb. We would have made the head of the mace bigger, but it would have gone super-critical and exploded as soon as it was put together. But, this uranium has been alloyed with other elements such as polonium, plutonium, radium, radioactive arsenic isotopes, and even infused with pockets of radon gas. Naturally, and inevitably, this mace will slowly emit deadly radiation that is guaranteed to kill your enemies (and maybe you). Upon hitting a target, small amounts of the material will flake off from the mace, and remain on the target, inflicting additional damage. We’ve attached a knife to the bottom of the mace too!

Click on image for zoom

Weight: 30 Kgs (66 pounds)
Length: 1.2 m (3.9 feet)
Price: 69420 dollars


help i dropped mine and there’s a bulge in it growing bigger


Bro this thing almost weighs as much as I do (I am 5’2 weighing 80 pounds)


Oh crap, I thought it was ammo for my rocket launcher.

Wait… it still exploded like a rocket though…


oh, what a shame, use me next time?

CasualEgg Introduces:


Description: Literally just me but under a new name, I cannot go automatic, but much rather, I am an ammo type, I can cause collateral healing, along with collateral damage, my fingers can be used for your standard assault rifle, and my fingertips can be used as pistol rounds, my entire body itself can be used as rocket launcher ammo, for max power use this type of rocket launcher:


what the fuck how are you healthy


who said I was healthy?


How the heck did you make that in pimp my gun


I didn’t this was just google search for circus cannon sorry, I don’t have my computer


Introducing my AUG battle rifle!
Steyr AUG BR (fictional varaiant)

The magazines used in this gun are the SR25 mag (top) and HK417 mag (bottom)


that weird Mp5 thing but i actually give it a rear sight and stock
weird MP5 thing but it shoots 5.56 and shouldn’t be able to but yes

now it’s t a c t i c o o l


ur mom
*dabs in tub of hot sauce *


no u