Phantom Forces Tier List by TP_One, Hellcat5, and SilverKnite


Some changes I’m considering making to the tier list in general.

  • Do mass voting which I will set up very shortly. As in, I’ll make polls and shit for it very soon. And post them here. And ping a ton of people in order to sway voting.

  • Set up a system like democracy where I rate a gun’s attributes. And rank those, then like… I dunno it’s hard to explain. Think of em like sections on a test with different point values.

  • Redo the entire tier list with these in mind.

As for the whole points system I have a prototype here. Let me show you what the max values for everything is.

Damage: 20 points
Overall damage including shots to kill, suppression, penetration, and fire rate.

Ammo: 15 points
Overall ammo of a weapon, including the amount of ammo per clip, the reserve, and ammo rarity.

Handling: 20 points
Overall handling of a gun that icludes reload speed, ads time, movement speed, muzzle velocity, and draw time.

Recoil: 5 points
Overall recoil of a gun.

Other Factors : +/- 5 points
Other factors can be anything that is abnormal about the gun or unique to it that can either result in giving it points or taking them away. Glitches go here too.

Max Score: 65 Points

Anyways. @MrGarfield26 would thou be willing to actually make a Google form for this very subject? Something like having every weapon in the game rated 1-10. That would be nice. I’m gonna be very busy for the next few days so I can’t make it myself.


If the hitreg were to be registered in the tier lists…

it’d be Z tier.

AKA worse than Obrez/BFG/whatever’s the worst gun.


It’s the BFG. Obrez is actually useful as a mobility tool if nothing else.


meh BFG should be a at least a e


Nah fam

The pistols are even better mobility tools, at 15 stud/s compared to the Obrez’s 14.

Also, Five Seven (which too moves at 15 stud/s) could fucking cream the Obrez over 500 studs away.


Obrez is bad but not offensively so. I stand by my statements.


tell that to the rest of the playerbase


The playerbase thinks the BFG is overpowered. I think I’ll fucking pass.


just bring back the pre-nerf alpha version ," it’s balanced"


Personally, I think the BFG is a little weak as a gun, but not terrible.

Personally, I’d buff the reload speed from 3.5 seconds to 3 seconds, to keep up with the Hecate.

Give the SFG the same buff, along with a 10 scope speed instead of 8.

oh, and give SFG gangsta aim as well lmao




Hitreg is fucking bullshit.
Melee is fucking bullshit.
Ballistics tracker sniper rifles are fucking bullshit.
Devs have done damn near NOTHING to fix any of the above.
Hitreg is still bullshit
Melee has been bullshit ever since the melee update, with nearly NO attempts to nerf it
Ballistics tracker still offers no disadvantage to having it as opposed to not having it on sniper rifles
idk, I just want to die.


i guess? but i see myself busy as well.

i’ll try to help as much as i can, so yeah


BT increases recoil and aim sway.


Can we get a mod to SFW this up?




I don’t see why SFG is F tier. The way I see things, it is ideal for a sniper to be equipped with their sniper and another primary. The SFG allows for that kind of advantageous loadout which could be used on maps such as Crane Site, Dunes and Mirage. With the right attachments, I’d say it’s worth C-tier at the very least but then what do I know lol.

Was it hit with that BFG prejudice?


Kinda. Again we’re gonna be reviewing placements in a week on the discourse discord. If you want to join us for that then be my guest. We need all the voices we can get.




I would like to join