Phantom Forces Shadowmap Discussion

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Not too long ago, PF was updated with a new lighting system. PF now supports shadowmaps, a long awaited feature that people have requested. To some, this isn’t new information, the test place has been using shadowmaps for a while. To others, this is completely groundbreaking information.

As per all updates, the situation is currently controversial with many sides praising and reprehending the new lights. Instead of 20 different topics all attacking or defending the lights, lets keep the discussion here.

To start, go ahead and answer this poll. Do note that this isn’t an anonymous poll.

How do the new light changes make maps look?

  • The light changes make maps too bright.
  • The light changes make maps just right.
  • The light changes make maps too dark
  • [Undecided]

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How much has your performance changed after the changes?

  • My frames have greatly increased (+20fps or better)
  • My frames have slightly increased (+10 - +19fps)
  • My frames have barely changed if at all (-5 - +5fps)
  • My frames have become a little worse (-5 - -10fps)
  • My frames have become much worse (-20fps or worse)
  • [Don’t know]

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What do you think of the light changes?

  • I love the new light changes
  • I like the new light changes
  • I think the light changes are neither good nor bad
  • I don’t like the new light changes
  • I hate the new light changes
  • [Undecided]

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Do note that FPS issues are subject to change. If they do change for you, feel free to change your vote.

The purpose of this topic is to create a discussion. If you have anything you wish to say about the lighting changes, do say them!


I love the lighting.
Except in Metro, it burns my eyes there, it’s so bright.


I like the step they’re taking, although it was a bit of a clumsy step. Hopefully they’ll be quick with polishing the lighting and shaders. Because holy shit, Mirage is too bright.


Ye, in the stairs mainly


At the moment, maps do need a ton of work. It’s clear that some maps were not made with this style of lighting at all. Dark maps with little lighting such as Desert and center Ruins look quite awful with their dull, dark environments. On the other side, some maps look really good with the new lighting: Warehouse and Mall. These maps were built with controlled interior lighting which shadowmaps help bring out.
I would absolutely love to see this lighting system expanded on with maps having full support of the new lights.


What the fuck is this new lighting about


Is shadowmapping ever returning to the main game?


I don’t think we have an answer to that. It might if it didn’t cook people’s toasters




Shadowmap is back to the test place



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