Phantom Forces Meta Discussion Thread


Also… Give them realistic spread. Look, do you want a 30m all pellets fit inside the torso spread or not?


Do you really want this game to get removed






just upon death like in BO3,that’s all


Arsenal has roblox giblets when you asplode a character

Hell, the default Roblox death animation just has you fall apart, more sporadically if you get asploded.

Hell, you can rarely SURVIVE and still have a limb or two missing. Looks epic ngl, but it happens.

So long as it isn’t too detailed, the game will be fine.


It’s literally a SKS but better. It also punches straight through cover with AP and can straightup duel the AUG/G36 in TTK since it has a 3 shot kill. (You’d need 750 rpm with a 4 shot kill gun to match the 500 rpm of the AG3)

This gun is fairly good with AP due to the almost-guaranteed 4 hit kill from any range (you only need 2 chest shots out of 4). Also it’s got 42 bullets and laser-like accuracy. Best counter to snipers IMO, and if the range is long enough it has the accuracy edge over G36 & A1 due to the much lower horizontal recoil.

Also an excellent weapon with AP. It serves a very similar purpose to the AUG HBAR. It is somewhat worse at all ranges: long range it has lower velocity, close range it has higher TTK. However, you get a much more mobile weapon (you can put a foregrip on safely without the ADS speed dropping down through the floor) and faster reload speed.
It is a 3 hit kill gun without AP which makes it also a viable option, though long range drops down to 5 hit.

It’s actually pretty viable up to 20m or so, and it can also tap fire from long range (if you have very good trigger discipline) for a 4 hit kill. Mid range is where it suffers, though putting a SFG in your secondary will fix that, since you don’t need a traditional secondary due to the insane reload speed.

Beowulf ECR:
Fastest TTK in the game besides instant kills. It’s great in close quarters peek/slide wars since you have such a huge advantage in TTK over your opponent. From long range it is almost helpless.

Very good ttk in close range and viable 2 tap kills in long range. Its weakness is medium range where G36 and AUG happen to shine, but otherwise you have a pretty good weapon that is also integrally suppressed so you won’t reveal your position on the radar.

AK47 & SCAR-H:
These two weapons will do 3 hit kills with AP if two of the three hits are torso hits. They are pretty similar but SCAR-H has more consistent recoil and a bit higher velocity, while AK47 has 10 more bullets in the mag and more consistent 3 hits from close range (even when you miss multiple torso shots). They are somewhat competitive with G36/AUG in mid/long range (especially SCAR-H) and flat out win in close range where recoil doesn’t matter as much.
Honorable mention to AK103 but that gun needs 3 shots all to the torso to kill, so it isn’t nearly as consistent. However, it does do better from mid range due to the lower recoil, so it’s sort of the benefits of AK47 and SCAR-H combined with being less consistent as a trade off.

Saiga 12u:
I don’t know if a lot of people already use this, but this is THE best secondary weapon for competitive play, as long your primary isn’t also a shotgun. Way better accuracy and damage than the other two secondary shotguns, and you can also reload it during a downtime to get 3 shells. When you run out of ammo, in pretty any engagement where the enemy is close enough to rush you before you finish reloading, you can surprise the enemy with this and you have two chances to one shot them.


AN-94 Barrel too broken


eh, that’s debatable, the SKS has literally no recoil with muzzle brake and stubby, and i’ve had plenty of times that i killed skilled AG-3 users with guns with a RPM less than 750

the l86 LSW is literally a better SAW weapon to use as an counter sniper weapon due to the cazy suppression(the hbar doesn’t have that) and that it’s always a 4 hit to the arms and legs(by comparison the HBAR becomes a 5-6 sk if you hit the legs/arms too much)

i agree

again i also agree

in the recoil and capacity department, not so much , it’s literally trash if you fighting more one person at a time, you need to tap-fire, it only does 33 damage min as a battle rifle
and you need to reload after each firefight, it pretty much acts like a M4A1 but bad in the battle rifles class

the SCAR-H is pretty much garbage since the AKM makes it irrelevant,
AK-47 is uh okay

yeah, that goes to the M1911, against a shotgun that takes at least two shots to killwith poor accuracy(like the secondary shotguns have the same amount of accuracy iirc) and range
compared to a pistol that can two tap in the same amount of time


Except for the amount of fucking force the buckshot can exert on hard metal. Given the right circumstances, you can break a rib cage.


Laughs in slugs

About that chunks of bone and ground beef? Yeah, try a hole with a nice clean entry wound and a 1-2 inch exit wound.


laughs in distance


laughs in 100 meter effective range


ksg = meta


We need this as a feature






With the power of…

Actually, I don’t know why I’m even on here tbh, I just wanna contribute to the game and the community now more than anything else


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this shit is fucking scary