Phantom Forces Meta Discussion Thread


Talk about optimal team comp, weapon matchups, what the tier oust should be like, whatever.

Okay so I’ll start the thread with something I noticed that’s really odd. Super powerful weapons that aren’t used, at least to my knowledge.

FAL 50.00 is underused???
You all know I see the FAL as the best primary in the game. The question then becomes why do people not use it? I see players like @SVGSig praising the G36 and AUG A1 as the go to competitive guns and while yes I can see their power, they, alongside just about any automatic weapon in the game, has a losing matchup against the FAL 50.00, which out damages them in CQC and at range, and has very few downsides aside from being kind of hard to handle. So why isn’t it used more? Well I think in competitive ease of use has trumped potential power in terms of how players value guns. The G36 and AUG A1 hold virtually no advantages over the FAL 50.00 save for two things; their recoil and their ammo capacity. The two stats that most determine how easy a gun is to pick up and use.

Now I’ll talk about…
Anti-Meta Weapons
Yes the weapons that can hard counter meta picks.

I’ll name a few off lightning round style.

MAC 10 can serve as an alternative to the Kriss Vector thanks to its very similar damage output and higher movement speed. It specializes in rush down and flanking tactics but it isn’t quite as effective in head to head combat as the Vector. However, it does have more ammo than the Vector so it might be a little better against groups.

MP10, while pathetic in it’s own right, can act as a counter to the G36 and AUG A1 since it can, with AP, do the same job they do but with a higher fire rate, so it can feasibly win against them in any area. That being said it suffers everywhere else.

1858 Carbine has the most potential out of any sniper weapon thanks to it’s high rate of fire, one shot headshot, high ADS and reload speeds, and access to both ironsights and scopes. It suffers in sniper duels due to its significantly lower muzzle velocity, but outside of duels, it is an absolute monster with nigh limitless potential. The only issue is that once the R Squared gets released, the 1858 Carbine will be left in the dust since the R Squared is an 1858 with almost everything better.

AA-12 seems like a great crowd control weapon. It’s not really that effective at killing, but it’s scary and suppresses people on a level that even LMGs struggle to match. It clears out large groups of enemies, which other shotguns might struggle against, and it is overall just a useful support weapon for your team. Not sure why I don’t see it around more. However, I will say that it’s far too new to really know where it stands in the meta. I personally think it’s really good and people just haven’t warmed up to it since it’s newer.

MP5/10 can outright beat a lot of other PDWs and Assault Rifles both in CQC and at range. The recoil is rough but the damage is very much worth it.


Ah yes, the power of the FAL 50.00


Unless you’re an M1911 in cqc, because that thing out damages literally the entire game.


That is, if you have a fast finger and good aim.


Firing at max rpm with a 1911 isn’t that hard. And you don’t even have to fire it at max rpm.


Yeah, I am just saying what is needed because you shouldn’t really take a 1 second interval between all your shots id you are going against an auto gun


the AUG A3 with an ARS suppressor is remarkably good. It is very stable, and can laser people reliably. Just remember to hit your headshots because the damage is a little on the low side.


I don’t talk about the FAL in comp cause…It’s so good it’s banned from play


Okay that’s reasonable.




Mosin and Obrez chain sniping


What if shotguns weren’t 1sk? RN, the R870 has the range of the old KS, and the KS is probably even further. The problem is that it puts out so much damage when it really shouldn’t. Maybe flip the multipliers for limbs and chest. On the chest you deal enough damage to net like 75 while on the limbs a one hit. Shotguns for me seem to be a little overly powerful. Then again, I’ve been using cinematic mode and the L86 for the last year…
TLDR, shotguns have become somewhat OP now, and kinda memey. 1sk with realistic spread? kind of a nono.



Shotguns that don’t one shot would be literally the most useless weapons in the entire game. Do I need to show you pictures of what a shotgun does to the human body?


it shreds?


It tears your body asunder like lightning from fucking god. Where there was once skin, muscle, and bone, there is now ground beef with bone chunks. You end up with a hole 5 inches deep in you and easily about a foot wide. If you get shot at range you’re going to be peppered with holes, or your limb will be blown clean off.


so you want semi’s that are spammy to one shot? no thanks


Welcome to the update!
Here is a new meta: bUy M107!


HK416 and HB <40 meta


laughs in kevlar
Buckshot is very very low penetration. Against hard plates, it’s basically useless.


Why not make it a more skillful gun? It removes limbs, but torso hits drain 48 HP or something?