Petition to make all megathreads to have to be approved by a mod megathread

  • yes
  • no

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Ya, I’m down for this.

“Vote Trump 2020”


Megathreads are what’s ruining this Forum.


I can’t say it’s ruining this forum, but I can admit that we’re getting pretty off topic with them.


No, no no.
Ever since megathreads were introduced, all the unique and individual weapon suggestions and whatnot died out. I don’t like that.


That’s the gun suggestion megathread.

There are still good megathreads where people shouldn’t really make individual small threads for, like TF2, Pimp Your Gun, Minecraft,…


Gun suggestion megathread died. I’ve gotten more attention posting suggestions as individual pages than posting suggestions in the megathread.


You’re forgetting the feels megathread.


I’d rather not see 20 posts about peoples relationship struggles


this just made my day. LMAO


Eh. Family problems too.


Theres other topics to discuss, like family issues, struggles, ideas, etc.
Theres even been a few political talks in there.


…a few?


Well, I tend not to partake, so I skip most.


Could we just get a megathread for politics?


I’d be interested, but I also fear what would happen. Most people are really cool here, so theres hope, but modern politics is a black hole.

Also most of us are teenagers who really don’t fully understand everything.


Honestly, that’d be an interesting idea, and I imagine that the community won’t melt down in 5 seconds after the addition of such thread.



Your not wrong, it’s just political discussion finds its way into discussions it shouldnt be on therefore the benefit of a designated area.


Wait why was that reply to me if you’re quoting someone else as the focal point of your discussion? :thonk:


It was to both of ya’s