Petition: Remake the Map Making Guidelines from partial or whole scratch


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Well, today I’m actually making a petition post. Yes, this isn’t an opinion post (nor is it the recipe for Hoozer^™, which will never be posted here)

Nor is it a meme. I’m actually going to directly make a petition, and it is regarding the map making guidelines.

I will state my reasons below in this post

(inbound /u/shaylan007 tag because this may also end up concerning him)

So, let’s begin

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I will be organized this time and put my arguments on a list. Hopefully I can arrange something decent

  1. The Map Making Rules/Guidelines are Outdated
  2. Some of it’s rules/guidelines have been straight up bypassed by Stylis people themselves
  3. Some of it’s rules/guidelines are pointless and some even straight up kill the purpose of the program
  4. No one watching for such rules being accomplished

Now, since Fancy Pants (and especially ordered lists) are mean and will reset the number of each element if a non list enter is put between them, I will now proceed to explain each point separately

  • The Map Making Community Rules/Guidelines are outdated

Well, yeah, this one is kind of obvious. Last time the Actual Guidelines themselves saw any activity was exactly a year ago. Well, it will be exactly a year in just 4 days, but still. It’s way too much time without any updates or refinements. Many things have changed from them and some of these things I will list them later on, but for now here are some.

First of all, C_Hels is no longer with Stylis, and Mar is busy with his stuff. We have started well…

- Anything North Korean

Umm… Didn’t Kim Jong Un and Trump actually meet somewhere I don’t exactly remember I think it was Hong Kong and didn’t Kim Jong Un and the South Korean President actually decide to start an actual denuclearization process? That doesn’t sound much of a battle spark to me anymore. And even if there was, what the hell. Nobody in North Korea sees this thing anyway, and even then, they would only just take it lightly and just let it slip since I mean, ain’t atom bombs and keeping watch over your country more important than just dedicating your time and energy to focusing on a semi-known online FPS game?

School Maps / Real-Life Terrorist Incidents/Natural Disasters Related

Umm…Don’t those three already have in common that people involved in those things have more important stuff to mind? I mean, with School Maps yeah, I will not complain about that, but Terrorist Incidents and Natural Disasters are now just so common not only as Roblox Scenarios, but also as videogame ambientation as a whole. It wouldn’t hurt to take this ones out or maybe modify them so that a person can make a map located in…whatever location without that pressure. Just let these ones be, for the love of God


Anything regarding to a vice

Please stop. Same damn thing as before, it is both a common thing in videogames and people have more important things to focus on


Pure Ripoffs …. CoR 5 Map Remakes

I got shit to throw at this one later. But for now lets focus on this aspect. This one being out of the way would actually benefit the game. I mean, who wouldn’t like to play in Studio from Black Ops or…why not. Dust from CS:GO in Phantom Forces. Many games are literally ripoffs of other games and that is still a legitimate way of creating content (of course there are legal issues here, but I mean. Internet. Creative Commons. Making your own shit). Naughty Dog’s best games (some of them) are built up based on ideas of other people. QUENTIN TARANTINO EXISTS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

Also, on the CoR 5 note, they also kind of contradicted themselves. They first said at the beginning

World War based maps however, are fine, so long no Nazism innuendo is involved.

But then at the end they say:

As a rule of thumb, if your map has the possibility to offend someone, is plain in gameplay, or is anything CoR5-related, you probably shouldn’t suggest it.

or is anything CoR5-related, you probably shouldn’t suggest it.

CoR 5 is a World War based game

orange justice


Literally anything that involves only sniping

More shit to throw later at this one. But not here tho. Just citing it for later

(Note: There are many more things to cite, but they come in for later)

Let’s continue. Make sure you read those notes

  • Some of it’s rules/guidelines have been straight up bypassed by Stylis people themselves

*insert pewdiepie picture here* ***"***And that’s a fact"

There have been many, many many occasions when Stylis people have bypassed their own guidelines. But then they try to force it on the community map makers. Here is my list:

  • Natural Disaster Related

Well…Dunes and Luck are there. Blizzard is also there…(Blizzard doesn’t count since WolfDawgz isn’t an actual Stylis boi, at least for my understanding. love you /u/Real_WolfDawgz, dont forget to make village on jungle)

And yeah, Luck was made by some people that wasn’t that much into Stylis, but as most of it’s creating team (GoofShoes, BattleWiner, Shay, Leelee and Fartingblackfox) was, or still is, very close to Stylis, It enters this category. Don’t need to say anything with Dunes

  • Real Life Terrorism Incidents

Well…ISIS has been attacking Cultural Patrimony in the Middle East since 2014… And they also attacked various churches in Indonesia the past year… And there is the Christchurch shooting recently… and…the many many many incidents that have happened on just churches, without counting malls, subways and other stuff

Churches? Does PF have a Map that takes place on the ruins of a church in the middle of a city?

Malls? Does PF have a Map that takes place on a mall?

Subways? Does PF have a Map that takes place on a subway?


And many more examples could be made. Desert Storm is there. And Mirage is there. I don’t need to cite their sources or links to real life tragedies, do I?

Let’s continue

Anything regarding to a vice


Pure Ripoffs…CoR5 Map Remakes

I got a list here(will put an asterisk(*)on the true, true evident ripoffs, an a double slash on those who show partial ripoff or inspiration)

So, please…Don’t come up with “Nu purr ripaffz” with all of this on your record

And also, CoR5 is back. And yet again, there’s Hypo’s poll asking if y/n remake Asylum from CoR 5


Literally anything that involves only sniping


(which was made by Xaos, a Stylis contributor, not Shay. But they still passed it)

Oh and those are just the relative rules! Don’t even get me started with the Guidelines!!!



  • Some of it’s rules/guidelines are pointless and some even straight up kill the purpose of the program

Gotta be quick in this. I will first list the ones I agree with, so that I can chew through this faster

  • Should ideally be under 15K parts, although Crane Site Revamp went to roughly 17500 parts.
  • Don’t go too big. Crane Site Revamp was around 750 studs across, but you might not want to plan on going that big. The average map size seems to be around 500 studs across, but there is no limit to how much smaller it can be, as long as it’s not cramped.
  • Don’t abuse CSG, Unions, Decals, and Textures, and don’t use Smooth Terrain. This includes smooth terrain water.
  • Bear in mind that the map needs to hold 32 people. Make sure that you make your maps a decent size.
  • No water should be interactable. Phantom Forces isn’t going to have swimming.
  • Don’t use free models
  • Maps can be made by individuals or groups. If you specialize in one type of building, by all means find someone else to work with.
  • Ideally, your map should support Domination and KotH as well as TDM. Technically this is not required, but it is preferred.
  • If you don’t have one of Shaylan’s models that you need, you can build a very basic version in a colour that stands out, and request for it to be added later.

Now, it is time to check the ones I’m uncomfortable with

Maps must match Shaylan’s style. If you can’t do this, maybe you could work something out with another redditor where you create the outline, and the other person works on the details. Team builds are absolutely allowed!



Dude, I get it. You want a uniform style. OKAY. But not okay. Many serious games dont keep uniform styles on their scenarios. CSGO, Payday 2, Warframe, Call of Duty, most games today have different scenarios made by different people with different styles. AND THEY ARE COOL AND GOOD!




Don’t copy an existing map from another FPS. If you want to take some ideas, that’s fine, but don’t outright copy them. No map sequels either. Be original!



Particles are allowed, if used well. Make sure you don’t deviate too far from Shay’s style though.

Java has thrown an exception. PatienceArray is out of bounds


If you don’t have one of Shaylan’s models that you need, you can build a very basic version in a colour that stands out, and request for it to be added later.

Pay attention to the details. Shaylan’s maps contain many different little props and points that can be used as cover. Try not to make it too cluttered though.

literally stops typing this post


Listen closely to any constructive feedback from the subreddit, especially if they come from a developer.

Hello? anyone there to give feedback? Oh yeah, I forgot there are almost no reviewers around. We have a lack of active reviewers. Again. At least this one works though.

Alright. That’s it for this point.


  • No one watching for such rules being accomplished

Des- Pa-


No one is around to make sure the rules are being accomplished anymore. Legit, like, I would dare to say we just assume they are there, but yet again, they have lost most, if not all their weight. I mean, this is why I made this petition

Alright, that is all

I really didn’t intend to attack anyone in any way for any reason with this post

This is just my actual petition for the reworking of the guidelines that apply on those of us that like making maps for the game we like

And well, if they don’t go, what kind of horrid creatures could be created?

Until Next Time…

Canadian Ingredient Hoozer Mix Effects disappear

(P.S: If there was an actual petition tag, I would be grateful. Will use complaint for now)
(P.S2: Copied straight from Reddit, sorry)


The format of this post went from ugly to ugly to ugly to acceptable back to ugly.

Look at this mess:
Clean it up. Please.

1. It's probably outdated cause... it works?
  • It’s been a year; that doesn’t justify an update.
  • I got really confused when you brought up North Korea and school maps since the formatting and structuring is beyond repair. Nonetheless, I presume (after the fourth re-read) that these are types of maps that are banned? I do agree that not anything North Korean should be banned, but not for the reasons you mentioned. I believe that so long as there are no political references, a map that is set in a Korean place is acceptable (i.e. an airport, a city… whatever). As for school, terrorism and natural disaster related maps, these are things that are socially unacceptable as such mentioning a friend’s relative who had recently passed away.
  • I’m upset by the fact you didn’t mention the ambiguity that would justify an overhaul, discussed in point 2.
2. It's probably because... they don't bypass their rules?
  • Natural Disasters: Dunes and Blizzard depict fictional natural disasters, so it’s all g. The real problem is the ambiguity involving that rule. I believe that the rule prohibits the depiction of real-world natural disasters, not natural disasters in general. his warrants a fix.
  • Terrorism: This claim seemed quite absurd at first… and it is. You’re linking general places to terrorism. Just because some sordid act occured at a mall does not prohibit using a mall as a setting. A mall does not directly relate to terrorism; it’s just a place.
  • Vice: Luck’s casino is just that… a casino. That do not directly insinuate vice. I don’t know why you brought up the motel lol.
  • CoR5: I would have skipped over this if you didn’t mention de_dust. That is not CoR_5. That is from a different game. A very different game. You literally listed "Shipment from Modern Warfare. I rest my case. Nonetheless, I don’t really see why CoR5 remakes or inspirations are such a bad thing, but it’s their game I guess.
  • Sniping: Mirage, while predominantly a sniping map, is not exclusive to snipers. The buildings allow for CQC, especially around the hill where parts are hidden from snipers.
  • Guidelines: CSR has been removed for the longest time, like wtf. I find it stupid how you straight up just list the guidelines after that.
  • Map Style: A uniform design style is what makes a game unique. Some find it boring, and others just don’t care about design style, and focus more on gameplay. It’s rather stupid to claim that a uniform style is dumb because “no two people are the same, so it’s impossible.” While they cannot replicate the style, they can try their hardest to emulate it. Besides, it is processed through the staff by which Shay may apply any edits he feel necessary… Or so I think, I really don’t know how this works, but it sounds like this is the case.
  • Copying from another FPS: Yeah, this is dumb, I agree.
  • Particles: I don’t get it.
  • Shay’s mods: I don’t get it.
  • Reddit’s Constructive Criticism: This really doesn’t need to be explained, but here we go. The game’s original map designer does not need feedback from a reddit, nay, anyone.
3. Dude you're actually twelve.

Wtf is this.


4. What what happened to point 3?

5. There's literally nothing here.
  • You have no reason to believe rules are not being enforced. Maybe it’s because you thought your other points validated this claim, but that would be circular.


Your recipe of Hoozer will never be posted aswell as my Skin Recipe of my FAL 50.00


Lmao that’s hilarious. PF literally copied of BF4 twice now.


i missed this, tho

You criticize my format. Well, yes it got really ugly. You can blame it on my lazyness of copying and pasting it from Reddit after switching from a Fancy Pants editor to a Markdown editor then directly pasting it here. So yeah, apologies for that

Um…It’s been a year since it last saw any activity(I can tell you got confused, again. Sorry, this is what I get for straight up copy-pasting my text from a broke Reddit editor). If I’m really not wrong these thing got created right back in December 2017 for the Map Making Contest of the Subreddit, and the last thing I quoted was it’s last activity time… 2 years, and many things have changed and happened in between these 2 years, so many changes are needed in there, and that is why I made this


Yes, you are right. This are types of maps that are banned. North Korea, yes you are right, not everything should be banned, only the straight references to them. And about School Maps, and everything else I mentioned.

No, in my honest opinion, it’s actually acceptable and maybe even necessary to mention this things. This things form part of the history of many countries and societies. My home country (Colombia) is a live example. We acknowledge all of our historical disgraces and live with them.

I’m not promoting these things, neither blessing them or glorifying them, but just because of their nature it doesn’t mean that we should straight up keep them apart and demonize them or any representation. They are just shit that happens. And their representations shouldn’t be seen as a satire of such, but more as a commemoration/tributes/respect payments of such events. But you can omit this, since this is just my opinion

Point 2 where? If you mean point 2 of the 4 I listed at the beginning well…yep I listed some examples. If you mean point 2 of this first thing I listed, well. I never aimed for ambiguity (unless you noticed something I didn’t. In that case, please remind me, I would be very thankful

Uh, I think I have much probably listed various examples of how many times they have bypassed them, hell. I even listed them.

Yes. What you said. They went ambiguous with it. I didn’t think about it, but that could also be another reason to rework such rule. For now, I will try to keep it into account for later.

Well, yeah. Now that I’m re-reading it, it surely is stupid. It’s impossible to actually make any map terrorism related. It would have to be very explicit and have obvious references to terrorist groups (example: an urban map with 2 tall burning towers or straight up a yihad flag in a map)

Maybe I should have quoted straight up to the full text itself. Let me do that here

What does people do in a casino? Hint: It’s not being James Bond and doing spy things

What does people do in a motel? Hint: It’s not just sleeping

This wasn’t even the main point. The main point were the pure ripoff things. Now I regret putting both the Pure Ripoffs and the CoR5 map remakes together. scream of pain

Dude, I should have put COR5 map remakes and Pure Ripoff things together. Any way, you should have got the point by now

It still is mainly for sniping. They need to rework this rule, it’s also kind of ambiguous

remembers that CSR is being remade right now

Still, a more varied map style would benefit the game. Yes, what you said about map styles is right but woudlnt a greater variety of styles benefit the game. CSGO does it and it is nice. Many games do it, and yet they don’t lose any of their identity because of it. Of course, I don’t want to start a whole debate on this, so I will leave it here.

Same as the map style

Wasn’t complaining

You are right, shouldnt have brought this up

Ever heard of something called

Ironically unoriginal and shitty humor??

Oh yeah here it is

Again, sorry about that, this is what I get for being lazy and straight up copy-pasting it from the Reddit editor. (Was writing this by 11 pm last night tho)


Well, in any case. Thank you for pointing out the errors I didn’t notice. And yep, hope we can keep this up


What the hell is this ?


injects untested hoozer mix