Other Projects

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For some reason i had project to do with

  1. Minecraft (sucks with no mods)

  2. Map Blueprinting (For shay)

My first one is myself a Minecraft

I had lot of to do with the mods like everything set up like this

(Creating a modpacks) in above is a other modpack that i use to add mods

Such as Modpacks that i’m creating with

I had a picture to create this as modpack picture


Quite a while to do that RIP Minecraft instead we have minecraft 2 (the hytale)

In the second is Map blueprinting

I had to research some picture that look like a map so i have (NO Question At ALL)

Think to do sucks with things dunno what am i talking about But RIP off

hint: Also twitch is a good idea to have mods

Other than that is Easter day









what is this black magic our doing for the second time?



I don’t get it




We don’t need them at all


engwish, pwease


minecraft is god-tier without mods.


This is from old