On the Topic of COR5


I think it was in late May (5/31/17) when later one night after seeing some arising thoughts of another COR game, or possible remaking for COR5, a developer had posted several picture of World War II Weapons in the Discord Chat. The weapons consisted of The PPSh-41 w/ Drum Mag, Thompson, and a Modernized version of the Sten Mk. II, sporting an EOTech, and Yellow apparel. The pictures are here:

(Post will possibly be edited to include Sten Picture/s)

According to other users, the Sten was already in the Pre-Alpha, but does not have an appearance in the CTE or Vanilla game. However, this is the first time we have seen something WWII-Related since the Mosin Nagant/Obrez Release. I wanted to get this out there for any possible theories that might conduct towards an updated COR5, or additional WWII weapons to Phantom Forces, Leave your thoughts.


These models I’ve seen in Shay’s gun modeling place for some time now. I think they were projects he’s worked on to possibly get ready for some sort of WWII shooter from StyLis.


Mhm. The models were shown off recently though, and it wasn’t from Shay…I don’t want to say names though, but this could easily be hype for either reasons behind the reveal.


If there’s a modernized Sten with modern attachment rails, that could easily hit Phantom Forces sometime in the future.


It has been in the game before, according to some people. It was put in the Pre-Alpha, but didn’t make it to Launch.