Obtain crates from weapons twice


lets say u get marpat on the karambit and then unlock it by getting the skin then can u get another skin of the karambit?


Hard to understand, but I think I know where you are going with it.

Yes, After unlocking a melee, You can still unlock more skins of that melee.
Stylis has a built in system that if it sees you getting a Legendary, it will roll 10 times off-screen, If in those 10 times it selects a melee you don’t have, You will unlock that.
If after 10 times it still lands on a melee that you have, You will simply gain a new skin for a melee you already have.


No. The only way to obtain another skin on a melee is by rolling a Legendary that just so happens to roll a new skin for your Karambit, meaning the chances of getting a skin for a melee is extremely low.


um ok if its not impossible then thats fine