New Knives have ruined the game


i personally think that the new knives broke the game there is no more gunfights just people running around with knives like their on crack or something


The new Melees are just being enjoyed and peeps will go back to using guns at some point.

Stylis was on something when they added the Chosen One. The Stick Grenade and the Trench Mace are weird, but a lightsabre? That’s not even real!


yeah its pay to loose bc you can see it from a mile away


Well it is stylis wat did u expect like comon in cte we had banana clips to reload and cranes for melees, wat did u really expect from them? Uh dildo? And its inspect is u using the vibration form? (This reply is a joke dont take srs plz ;-; )


What if it had like multiple versions lmao? A dragon dildo, a shrek one? No? Ok il stop.


shrek? sign me up
on second thought they should add pdw’s as secondarys for recon, thats what there for


I mean we still havent really gotten any pdw for its actual purpose as a secondary. Buuuut i just pick up weapons off the ground to fill that place. So i mean ur kinda shiet out of luck there bud.


ik but still


Ok maybe the Uzi and mac 10 could be secondary pdws but if u think about its still a lil op if u were to have pdws like the a3 para or ump45 as a secondary.


yeah i guess


Guns will start being used again soon
It’s such a good update that makes people run around with cleaners n such


meanwhile I’m running all over with a Karambit and Sledgehammer.



The knife is better than everything we have right now


Knife > Trench mace = Baseball bat > Machete > Others


Knife <3


Mek’leth feels better tbh


It is a relatively simple game on Roblox of all things… and you’re complaining that it’s a little weird? If you can’t tell that Roblox games as a whole are a little weird, then you must be on something, not Stylis.


Because obviously phantom forces has the same amount of content and effort put into it as Adopt and Raise a Cute [insert noun here].


I meant that Phantom Forces is somewhat simple compared to other fps games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, both in content and graphics, etc. Obviously it is infinitely more advanced and needed a lot more effort put into it than Adopt and Raise a Cute [Insert Noun Here].


I see, glad we have that established. Anyway…

Of course someone is going to talk about how weird something is in a game, this is the game’s official forum after all.