New Gun Review


:clap: GUN :clap: REVIEW

OKAY, so new update arrived, and it’s lit.

In order from most hyped to least…


Photos are being a butt, so you’ll have to put up with none for now.

Melee mains have been a problem on PF for well over a year now, but FINALLY, FIN-ALL-Y, the devs from above have sent us this beautiful example of how to eviscerate, rape, and drive insane any melee main ever. The AA-12 is absolutely beautiful in performance, and is near flawless for what it does. Sure, it doesn’t one-hit consistently past 30 studs, but melee is fucking useless beyond 15, so melee mains are fucked from the start, and that’s a good thing. It’s also quite short and reloads fast, so that’s two of my main gripes with the Saigas solved like that. It’s fucking BEAUTIFUL for any rusher that prefers using a gun, and it gets my ultimate seal of approval.

Rating: 10/10

Five Seven

pretend there’s a picture here

It wallbangs the hell out of opponents, has a blistering fast muzzle velocity, has 20 bullets, and has very low recoil for a pistol. What’s not to like? Oh, the 4-hit kill up close. But the other qualities of the Five Seven are so good, I don’t mind generally needing to take more than 3 hits to kill an enemy when I can also do it through cover, like a baws. Also, it got me this, with an ACOG and AP.

This gun is a fucking meme machine.

Rating: 10/10


(no picture on the wiki yet)

Unlike the above two, I actually abhor the HK416. It’s like a Honey Badger fucked a FAMAS and grew up listening to Justin Bieber earrape for 12 hours straight. It’s also good. Like, too fucking good. 850 RPM with an above average 4-hit kill range, very little recoil, and overall the fastest reload of all the assault rifles?

I propose three solutions. Either completely neuter the 4-hit kill range, heavily increase the recoil (omnidirectionally), or preferably both.
Rating: -999/10
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Stylis fix the suppression system again, make it too the point where it depends on the round being fired(more crack and whiz if it’s a 76.2 or high round, and less crack and whiz if it fires like 55.6 nato the exception the LSW, because muh, LMG DMR) instead of just purely being based in velocity


But that’s how it’s supposed to work…


Balance vs realism


Get fired on by any machine gun, 5.56 or 7.62 and then tell us “the surpression isnt that bad”. Surpression isnt just a matter of how the bullet travels, there is also mental stability added on with this. If you are just barely inches away from machine gun fire, you will feel a great deal of mental instability and the inability to focus or stay cool from the fact that you are inches away from impending fucking death


dude it has high recoil already and besides its better to have a balanced gun than a recoiless laser


dude it is 5 hit kill at range unless you throw AP on it


I made a gun review video


semi-realism then? i mean i’m fine with suppression in-game as the next guy but i don’t want getsuppressed by a M4A1 as if it’s a godamn LSW kind of suppression, keep that kind for the suppression soley for certain lmgs and for DMR’s in general(except for SPR and SKS), i don’t more low rank’s running around with colt lmg’s suppressing me like it’s ARMA or some other military sim game


It’s fine now. HK416 has average velocity, though the A3/A4 have increased velocities to 2800 stud/s. The Carbine AR-15s also have their old velocities.