New grenades [Test place news #28]



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Toothless, if you read this.
People who start topics should be able to close their own topics when they want.

So we can move on to a new test place news thread :wink:


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666 now


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Wow, what a accomplishment. :clap:


^cue facepalm


This whole thread is a facepalm


thats hot, looks like the Aug A1 optic


The g36c is still absolute trash even with the movement, there are other carbines that do things better than it can


yeah, it really needs a max damage buff,
but then there would be no reason to use m4a1
well, in g36c’s defense, it has relatively low recoil, can 5sk at range, something most carbines don’t possess.


It has a painfully average rpm of 750 , which compared to the likes of the aku-12, it doesn’t really hold well,


G36 already has inbuilt ACOG, this is… WORRYING.


and yet we didn’t object to this change, we could have addressed it by at least having a debate


So, it’s now higher damage, is capable of blamming people from long range… man, this is why I swapped to slower TTK games. At least other guns get a CHANCE.


you’re literally forgetting about the recoil, that thing is all rotation and displacement, no matter what setup you use, you can still feel that recoil


Lol use m107


lul use 2000 rpm 50 bmg gun