New grenades [Test place news #28]


Hey i managely something i want to do with raspy commands

Look at this


Of course he has the railgun.


AK12: Am i a joke to you?


@Darkman_Bree rename this thread


for what reason


HOT, these remodels keep looking better and better.


Rename it to "New grenades+Weapon remodels [Test place news #28]


Welp, @Vital is back soooooo

Welcome back bud


The AJM-9.
I will main the shit out of that gun if it comes to the main game.

Then again the M41A never made it even to the test place soooo…


we should get an M203


I can’t anymore after 3 months.


I’ll also main it too.


M9 remodel is in the test place
Along with sights for ALL G36 variants.

M9 has a slight tactical reload change, which I think is pretty cool, but the way its animated isn’t smooth and kinda lazy.

I’m also really digging the slight animation changes with crouch and prone, pretty neat.


The sliding is much more watchable now as well, yay


Luck got some changes btw, but not like this lol.

WARNING: might cause seizure

(yes Rasby did this)


Test place update:

  • New attachment: Hensoldt 3x Sight
    • Exclusive to the G36, G36K, G36C and MG36!
  • New attachment: KJW Folding Stock
    • Exclusive to the M93R!
  • The M9 and M93R have been remodelled!
    • Slight change in reload animation.
  • Sliding now feels smoother.


Nae nae



i really wanna see that sight redicle. if it’s clean enough i might actually try to use a g36


The new dmr has a reload somewhat like the cod MW reloads…
I like it


It’s technically a new Zeiss AG optic