New grenades [Test place news #28]


yeah the M60 looks wack compare to irl


Put in the Deagle.




the deagle needs new sound the current ones are nasty


the current ones are warped CS:GO sounds (or am i thinking about the rex?)


Unsure right now. I know that the addition of the G36K is still up in the air and may or may not happen.
I have recommended the G36K’s loadout as attachments for the regular G36, but I am unsure if that will be the route we go.


I am honestly liking the new additions to the game, especially with the movement changes, what else is there in store coming to the test place soon?


I was really happy to see the G36K return, I say that it could stay in the game and the G36 has the scope on default.


can we get the Mark XIX DEagle instead of the weird Mark VII Deagle so we don’t need that ridiculous adapter rail


Axis and Lito cinnamon (lol) broke test place

and it was funny af they broke it 3 times

i have video its on my xbox feed tho

(im useing a attached keybored and mouse, very cheap thrift store quality)
gamertag: RichMlg Boi (just copy it)
i have forza and roblox vids


you know you can use a controller now



Yup, we know that already


Speak of the devil


M9, but wheres the M60




Holy shit. I’d fuck that, but no, that’s a beautiful remodel.


9mm peepee


I’m not sure about everybody, but who else thinks that the MP40 needs a remodel?


Finally! A new model for the M9!