New grenades [Test place news #28]


Jesus, watching this man play is a headache with all the jumping around and cuts every 3 seconds.


And the 360s…



WA2000 in Shay Place



Both the WA2000 and the G11K2 are here


Still waiting for them to update the Mk 11 reload.


pleased noises


Holy crap that looks pretty


New scope?


G36’s default scope




jumping from “they’re improving animations” to “they’re gonna readd instaswapping” was the most desperate thing i’ve seen in a long time


Removing insta swapping was a good thing.
I don’t see how people would be happy if they readd it like Snowy said.

Btw, will that scoped G36 replace the current G36 remodel or will it be an attachment?


Instaswapping is fucking gay.
If I didn’t want to bother with a bolt action, then I wouldn’t use a bolt action. Simple as that.
Also, and it’s a mega “if”
Have any of you considered adding a full auto attachment to the M107 as a troll attachment? Like if the M231 and VSS Vintorez had an unholy .50 BMG offspring?


Man, we have alot of upcoming weapons now to the test place.

  • Uzi
  • Micro Uzi
  • SL-8
  • WA2000
  • G11K2

Actually, where are the Uzi’s?
Weren’t they done a while ago?


Models are done but not yet optimized. Add to that the whole thing of having to animate and script them


Bazaar isn’t vague. It’s a fusion of dust and dust 2. If you had a single cultured cell in your body you would know this.


My only problem is that these remodels look way too advanced. Every other weapon looks super simple by comparison and it just doesn’t fit the artstyle.


Jesus fuck no need to verbally murder him


I believe there going to remold most of the older guns like the M9 and M60, I’m not quite sure if that true tho.


I’m fine with most, but M60 and M9 do need a remodel.
I don’t think the M60 even looks realistic at all.