New grenades [Test place news #28]



Actually the G36C is better because of the higher movement speed imo.


The G36C just makes the G36 feel obsolete to me. I don’t even know anyone who actually uses the built in G36 optic anyways. It is way too obstructive to be usefull in engagements < 75 studs imo.


Finally, someone who apreciates the ECR as much as I do!


At least the orginial G36 does well at long range similar to AUG A1. Godstatus mains that weapon and gets 100+ kills despite using red dot sights (also forgot to mention G36C cannot 4sk torso at all ranges with armor piercing unlike the G36 and the upcoming G36K)


It is basically better than the AUG in everyway.
But there is no way in hell I am using that optic.

If I want that A1 feeling, I use the TA33.


because the g36 is like lower it looks like there is more recoil when nothing has changed stat wise

and i hate that

i like where it looks like no recoil

i hate recoil


Use the L22 with a Muzzle Brake and no optics or grips, thank me later.


ok y no grippppppppppppppppp


On the G36K PF Wiki page:

The G36K is a German Carbine variant of the G36 Assault Rifle that was exclusive to the Community Testing Enviroment. After the CTE closed, it was confirmed that the G36K would never be implemented into the main game.



Update: Stylis added a new hit verification system in test place.


Also, Lito told me Daily Missions is on hold for now.



why’d you do it dev


Obviously this

You probably guess this is a daily question and raspy gives 2.5k credits


dude, we asked for test place not give aways, and we don’t think that is a daily question/mission, that was just a little guessing game they hold every so often, it isn’t really worth it, aside from that, please get a new translator, I hate not being to understand what you are saying, it is like a white girl trying to read the english translation from a kpop song off of google translate and I have heard that way too many times, I feel I am going too far so I will end it off here, just get a new translator, barely anyone can understand what you say, I am sorry if this insulted you, I am just annoyed at how much effort I have to take to understand your messsages.


I’m already being having a obvious shid and that is my Gamer language and its a broken english and i already left SCMCP discord so… What else


Gamer language?

and howcome you left the SCMCP?


You probably guess that i’m already left SCMCP is because no one just ever do questions and i’m done with that. Even sometimes i get stressed when i just came up with better maps and i already being a chill kid. I have more efforts to do with roblox now


Dude, sadly to say but your warehouse downgrade isn’t a better map than most of the stuff you see there, poodros, along with wolfdawgz and litchi don’t far better and that is out of experience, you just mash a bunch of stuff together without terrain.

Also, you seem to think far too highly of yourself.


I saw Lito’s stream today.
Things I caught from it that caught my attention:

  • Lito coding a “Squad disable all” checkmark in Squad Deploy. (Also, this was added to the test place too)
  • Lito fixing the bug where you can transfer attachments to another gun.
  • Lito adding more advanced stats related to shotgun spread.