New grenades [Test place news #28]


Both are really good weapons.


Mateba I’ve dropped ever since the 1858 got fan fire, though in and of itself isn’t a bad revolver; in fact it’s light years ahead of the MP412.

ECR is better with burst than with auto, mostly due to the limited mag size. Also a better burst gun than M16A4, don’t @ me.

Speaking of burst fire battle rifles, Breda PG when?


But then again M16A4 can take on more enemies due to the magazine size. Also the burst at range is better due to lower recoil and higher muzzle velocity.


We kinda need scope sensitivity for those people who’s having a little trouble when they want to increase the sensitivity only just for close range weapons and decrease the sensitivity for using sniper scope OR other sight attachments that has alt aim at the same time.

Yes I got that idea from bad business.


test place broke




Can they finally add the damn PSO scope to the AKs.


darkman did all the changes btw


Ah, That’s my Lymadrumsprey Vintorez.


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iTs 3 aM LoL (beljam)


ECR burst also isn’t limited to 50 stud one-burst kills, and can still one-burst kill even with AP and a suppressor of any kind.


So I took a deeper look at the stats of the ECR and the M16A4. Wow, did I not see the ECR’s potential. Given ECR’s impressive 150 studs one burst kill (with help of the torso multiplier), which out-ranges the M16A4’s 55 studs one, that is true. The M16A4’s advantage of faster fire rate, faster muzzle velocity, and lower recoil is not enough to give it an advantage against the ECR at long range (at more than 150 studs) due to its damage. On a 1v1 matchup, the ECR is a hard counter to M16A4 due to its damage and its potential on burst. As long as one aims well with the ECR, I think it could be the new KS-3m with its pre nerf birdshot.I should not have been sleeping on the ECR lel


Low Key might try out Phantom Forces again. Read through a lot of the more modern posts on this thread. @Darkman_Bree maybe it’s time for new Test Place News thread?


Waiting for a whole new weapon or feature for that.
The G36 remodels we’re already mentioned here by others before I could.