New grenades [Test place news #28]


3000, 3000, 2850, 2650, 2650, 2500, 2850, 2750, 2650, 2650, 3000, 2700
those are the new muzzle velocities in test place
including new ones
from intervention to scout


Intervention, TRG-42(?), M107(?), R700, SVU, AWS, BFG, L115, Mosin, SVDS, Hecate II, Steyr Scout

All that I’m worried about is the BFG vs. the Hecate, as the BFG was already slightly weak compared to the Hecate.


TRG and m107 is at the opposite way

Also the bfg and Hecate still has 3000 MV


no the bfg is 2850 now


Intervention: 3000
TRG-42: 2850
M107: 3000
R700: 2650
SVU: 2650
AWS: 2500
BFG: 2850
L115: 2750
Mosin: 2650
SVDS: 2650
Hecate II: 3000
Steyr Scout: 2700

Why increase the bullet drop on 80% of the snipers?

And so the BFG was nerfed once again.

Party noices.




Ya, Remember Executioner?
Back than it was meh, but now…
It’s literally a 1-tap Revolver, with its new fucking 2.7x headshot multi.
Paired with its current 80-34 damage, it’s now the first secondary revolver in game that has the capability to 1-shot headshot at all range.


Sniper revolver.



  • M107:
    • Increased fire rate to 75 RPM!
      • This is faster than the Dragunov SVDS, but still half the RPM of the Dragunov SVU!
    • Now has proper and nice reload animations!
  • Almost all sniper rifles:
    • Nerfed muzzle velocities to make sniper rifles more unique.
      • Previously mentioned by multiple forum members, See this post by @Rainsford for a list of Sniper Muzzle Velocities.
      • Intervention, M107 and Hecate II still have their regular 3000 Muzzle Velocity.
      • Camaro got his wish come true.
  • RGD-5:
    • Increased 3 second explosion timer to 5 seconds.
      • RGD-5 is now a straight upgrade to the Frag.
  • M14 Smoke:
    • Reduced lag.
    • Changed smoke particles.
  • Executioner:
    • Will now always one hit regardless of range.




TRG 42 now only ohk torso up to 105 studs


Now it’s a neato sidegrade to the Intervention. Gets a slightly higher fire rate and torso kill distance, at the cost of capacity and ballistics.


rip in pepperonis Obrez (and SFG for that matter)



Grenades are split up into 3 catagories:

  • Fragmentation
    • Frag and V40 Mini are located there.
  • High Explosive
    • RGD-5 is located there.
  • Supportive
    • M14 Smoke is located there.

Mirage Update:

(I don’t know if it’s because of Kill Confirmed, because I was on Mirage Kill Confirmed)
Look at this:



Snipey boi zone is gone

That was my way to get the hill too



Well, again.

I am not sure if this is exclusive to Kill Confirmed, since it was that gamemode when I played.


Oh, hopefully, that is my best way to get to the hill without getting knifed half the time


the smoke needs to have a bigger smoke radius because I tried covering a pathway on rig, but it was off center and missed a small portion


R700 is gone:neutral_face: