New "bug fix" 12/3/18


“Changes to hit-reg and CTF have been rolled back” 12/3/2018
Can SOMEONE tell me wtf this is about???
The hit-reg on melee alt attack didn’t work for the past few days, and they said they rolled it back? Are they trying to say that they “made” this “glitch” on purpose? I tried the alt attack on a knife and it is still not fixed. ???
And CTF? So they meant that the 15 to 10 minute thing is undid? Why? Did someone disagree?
Kinda pissed off about this.




u can spawn on ppl in ctf now


Ok played for a bit today. Luckily the knife bug is fixed.


not what he was talking about, he was talking about how you could basically do 0 damage whatsoever because of a roblox update that cmae like an hour after the new hit reg system was put out.


f u bot


Which got me killed over and over.