My Last Message to You


I called it


sure dude sure


Seriously though, I’m not sticking around fuck this place lol. I’m updating the tier list all nice and proper and then I’m out. Only reason I’ve stuck around is I’m waiting to get a proper poll for community opinions on guns. Trust me my guy, I absolutely fucking detest the forum for the sole reason it has the stylis logo on it. That I’m even here at all is a God damn miracle.

That being said I can still have fun while I’m here for what little fun can be had.


what does it take to be on your good side?


Literally just don’t be stupid. Or a massive dick. Or mar. Don’t be mar.

But yeah no, basically everyone is on my good side, save for a select few people. I just left because this place is a shithole and I quit wanting to deal with it. That and the mods are all cunts. Not moong and silver though. They’re cool. And a bunch of other guys. But stylis itself? Yeah no. So I quit the place and lo and behold I’m back.

Then again almost nobody likes me anyways so. Whatever.


But I like you. ;-;
I like discussing tier list stuff with you, as well as weaponry in PF in general.
But then again, my opinion of the devs is more neutral if anything. They fuck up with a noticeable frequency, but when they do things right, they REALLY do things right.

Also, Five Seven’s fun, but hitreg being garbage makes it not fun.


I like you tho (no homo) you seem fun I hope I can be on your good side


They fuck up with a noticeable frequency, but when they do things right, they REALLY do things right.

Yeah but I think I might have been around a bit longer. I don’t trust the devs to do anything right anymore, to me all their mistakes and broken promises outweigh pretty much all the good they do. Not to mention they have a horrible habit of not listening to us, saying they’re going to start listening to us, and then turning around and walking out on their previous statement in an endless cycle.


You’re not bad, kid. You’re all great. I left out of a hatred for stylis. Not for you. Besides, I was getting bored of having to create alts just because the moderation decide to be complete whores. Granted I was a douche in the past but I’m pretty sure it was abundantly clear with the meme_king account that I changed for the better. Still doesn’t mean dick.

To be honest while I’d love to stick around, I’d rather not break a promise. I’m not leaving alltogether though, as I still hang out on the stylis discourse discord. If you want details, ask just about anyone. SilverKnite included, he can give you a link. It’s a cool place, far better than whatever this hole will ever be again.

Within the past year

alright thanks


I’m on your bad side >:)


but you’re staying now!


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bu- oh wait


Oh hi remember when I quit for a few months. That was fun. Might actually go again not sure.


I still want this.


my final message
change the world


I’m kind of glad you never went, it makes me happy to see you around. You’re a kind guy, whether you believe it or not

You are a kind guy, dont you fucking dare say otherwise >:(


Hey, I know we had our differences, but may we please keep in touch? It’ll be good to see how you’re doing every now and then