My Last Message to You


did you… even know him



I can’t pretend I’ve been here long enough to know you that well, but I understand how everybody feels and I’ve had my own experiences. Thanks for doing what you did, good or bad, and goodbye.


Wait this is his other account what?


Oh his hellcat v account was suspended


Whelp this is your second goodbye message


More like did you? Your pretty new here pal.


Not as new as him


No you joined February 7, 2019. He Joined in 2018 therefore you’re wrong lol.




“What’s a hentai?” Sutton, 2018
I’m gonna miss you, honestly to god


Bitch I think the fuck not you know damn well when I joined this shithole. And it wasn’t in 20 fucking 18.


welcome back!


aanndd he’s back


Yeah, like, for now. I’m not staying. Just came to post a tier list




Okay I came to post a tier list AND rag on you fucks for making shit ones.

Seriously, why isn’t the 1911 SS tier in every single one of them.



frick bot


See, I was right.


Oi fuck ye, I’ll be gone before you know it.