My Last Message to You


I’m not allowing you to leave!
Especially not you!

You have friends here, a whole community of friends that liked and supported you.
You even got into my Phantom Forces server last evening (even though it was Mirage and the server was dead), We still got the enemy team dominated like a team.

I’m not letting you go, I’m not letting you leave!
You can’t do this to us.

Me cry.


plz don’t go


you may or may not come back

but a significant member is gone, again…

will hellcat return again? we’ll see…


Wait i don’t even know you…


See you Space Cowboy…


thanks mar u ruined our lives


Who said Mar had anything to do with this you dolt?


that’s common sense


Common sense is that Mar has not one iota of power when it comes to moderation actions such as (but not limited to):






Mar was revoked his moderation status late (?) 2017.

So if you morons want to keep with the bologna information you so vehemently stand by, be my guest.

Otherwise, Mar is not to blame.


You’re taking it the wrong way.
I’m saying you’re question is common sense means Mars didn’t have anything to do with it.


Meh, I dont think you’ll be gone for real.






Nah, he said he’s not.


It’s Hellcat, buddy.


It’s weird, cause I don’t believe him, but at the same time if he is leaving than it feels so insensitive to say this.


that’s it!!


@Mr.E spam


@Mr.E spam spam


fucking weeb