My Last Message to You


It’s been a wacky and wild ride boys. I’ve had ups and downs, highs and very low lows. I had a lot of good times here but as I have come to understand it, some people… some people never change. I was under the impression that I had.

Honestly, I’m just wondering about you guys. Mostly what you’ll think of me after you see this and I’m long gone. Will I be like Admiral Ward, beloved while he was here and then he fades from everyones’ memories, only to be brought back in brief mentions before fading back into obscurity? Or have I managed to leave my mark, or rather my scar on the community. Will anyone talk about me or even remember me a year from now? Well, I guess it won’t concern me anymore, so it’s a silly thing to worry about.

And even though you may not think it for the best, I know. I know what has to be done. So, as of today, I am leaving. After this post is made I will change the password on this account and scramble it beyond any form of recognition. There will be no way for me to come back.

@CamaroKidBB @Skillzz @TP_ONE @SilverKnite @Moongduri @takeusername @Mardemon @Toothless @Admiral_Ward @Torush1 and everyone else.

You guys all made my experience here what it was. And I want to thank you for that. Even the people who hated me and wanted me gone. Well I supposed you shaped my experience the most because here I am. And like all good things, my presence here must come to an end.

I know that some people will miss me, more will say ‘good riddance’ and be glad at my absence, but I only have one thing to say to you all, though my hands are heavy as I type this.

This is the last you will ever see of Hellcat5, at least in this community. Goodbye. And thank you.

It’s time for me to go now. For good this time. This is hellcat5. Signing off.

So long, space cowboys.

Song guessing game

Bye lad

T’was some fun times we had.

I’ll definitely miss you


It won’t be the same without you man… we’ll miss you in game-nights. Just plz dm me on discord so we can still chat.




Henlo dear hoolcott fivv,

Your presence on this site could fill a documentary.

First, you go to war or something, then you come back under a diff acc, get that banned, come back under a diff acc, spout the n-word, then fuckin left.

I’m very confused rn, but ok lol.

Can’t wait for you to return as Heavendog X!


P.S. Why you banned again?


All of the mods looked at his post history and banned him.



promptly deletes all prior posts*


That’s what i meant to be





That’s what you said the last time.
I honestly don’t believe that you’re going to be gone for real, it’s going to take less than three months and you’re going to be back.






goodbye…forever, dude


Smooth sailing, my guy. May God watch over you.


Mustang & sally?


See ya, game-nights will not be the same without you.




Requeiscat in Pace


So basically, due to me joining after you got banned the first time, I always thought you were a cunt, but after you came back, you were a really cool person who was pretty funny at times. I wish I didn’t pussy out of party nights because I was too afraid of getting to know people better and having a fun time… Goodbye man…