Music ideas


If Stylis eventually finishes CoR5, I think it would be great if they added in some music. I have two ideas, both older, but would really fit the theme…
Claude Debussy’s Rêverie

And his Clair de Lune

Please, tell me what you think of these selections, they would play at the menu or load out screen and/or loading screen.


inb4 sued

Pretty sure the Debussy estate wouldn’t be happy about this. If they made a version of it in Garage Band and changed a few notes, I’d be down, but I’m not sure Roblox can handle that sort of thing.


Yeah your right. Plus Stylis would have to deal with copyright issues.


Every game in ROBLOX doesn’t care about copyrighted music. The people who records ROBLOX games have to deal with copyright issues.