Mr404's guide for reviving topics



Note: these are my methods and ideologies that go behind reviving topics. If you have a different idea of how reviving should work, prepare to engage in a semantics dual to the death :^]

Making a topic is a wonderful feeling. Everything goes perfectly, you manage to bring up an interesting topic or you get a wonderful conversation brewing about something you want to talk about. Same goes for if you didn’t make the topic. Perhaps you found a perfect topic that just works out for you. Sadly, all things must come to an end and the conversation finally comes to a close. What do you do now? The topic has ended and has no further points to bring up. Maybe it closed for the wrong reasons. Did it lack any drive? Did it end too early for its own good? Regardless, something has come up and you want to revive that topic. Before you do so, consider the facts and determine how you want to revive the topic.

The Basics

Before we get into anything, lets start with an important statement. Never fear the power of the revive. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to bring back a topic from the dead. Anyone who says that revives should be a removed feature is likely just mildly annoyed and will get over it in due time. Without revives, you would have to keep remaking the same topics over and over every time you want to add something to a topic that already exists but has existed for too long. For the sake of keeping the forum clean and without repetition, revives should stay. More about my stance on revives if you’re interested.

Consider the following

There is nothing easier than the image above. By simply considering what the topic is about and what the conversation ended with, you can painlessly bring back a conversation from the depths from about 5 days ago till about 1 month ago. This is the main rule of reviving; never revive if you have nothing good to say.

If you revive with only the word “revive” you’ll end up putting yourself in a terrible situation. Not only does it not contribute to the conversation and only pesters everyone who followed the conversation, it puts you liable to be reported as both off-topic and spam.

If you do see someone doing this, please, please report them for either spam or off-topic. I cannot stress enough the fact that doing this breaks two rules at the same time by being destructive and annoying.

The Not-so basics

The main objective to reviving a topic is to rerail a conversation from beyond the grave. To do this, you’ll need to consider exactly how dead the topic is. The more dead a topic is, the harder it is to smoothly revive a topic. Do too little and you’ll risk being seen as an attention horse trying to get everyone to look at a topic. This also goes for reviving a topic too much. Try to avoid reviving the same topic too many times in a row.

The following is an approximation of what it takes to make a good revive:

(note: the length of the reply isn’t nearly as important as its content. The sentence limit is merely there to increase the amount of meaningful content.)

If you feel someone’s revive was too weak and/or meaningless, do not call them out for it. If you do so, you may get moderated for being off-topic. Either report the revive or politely message them to refrain a little from doing such an action.


A good revive is more than simply saying “revive.” After reading this guide, you should understand that revives, while a very useful tool to keep the conversation going months after originally posted, should be used carefully. Avoid doing too little to contribute. Try to give your best effort to bring a topic back to life and still keep the life intact.

Yes, this guide is a little short, but I’ll be keeping it updated in the future as I think of more things to add. Feel free to reply about things to add to the guide. I read all my replies.




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