More Barrel Options: Barrel length and Stock Muzzle Breaks


Yo, does anyone else want to have the capability of taking the stock muzzle breaks on all of the weapons and having them added to the barrel attatchments or something? I mean, the main reason why I want this is because the Hecate’s default muzzle break, which is part of the model, is hideous, even though that’s the way the weapon is IRL. But what I want to do is take that thing off and slap the muzzle break from the BFG onto it. Then I might postpone my desire for a tactical bodied TAC-50. Does this make any sense to anyone? Also, barrel length and heavy barrel attachments would also be very useful, but… Those aren’t my most pressing concern.


Short barrel SFG.


Short barrel sawed off


short barrel trench mace


Short barrel karambit


Long boi macbook


Gets the Stevenson and turn it into a saw off


that is not what this thread is for. This is a serious question.


scope attachment on JKEY

In all seriousness, I do partially agree with this idea. I personally don’t see a reason to swap out Muzzle Breaks for cosmetic reasons, but I can understand the barrel lengths.
But that’s where the problem arises…

Longer barrel = More time for the bullet to spin up = Higher velocity
Basically what I’m saying is that if we have barrel extensions, people will start throwing it on low-velocity weapons such as the Obrez. I think that this idea is great in theory, and I would love something like this, but it could possibly destroy weapon balancing all together. Bullet drop would be less common, and leading shots could become somewhat obsolete. The only guns that wouldn’t suffer are the ones with integrated suppressors that can’t even use barrel attachments.

Imagine an M107 with a barrel extension firing at 4000 st/s. lol


yeah i don’t such a hypothetical attachment would boost the muzzle velocity that much, probably only something between 5% and 10%


That was more or less a joke. But I see your point.

But then we have the problem of having a retarded attachment that is more useless than a BT.


eh, i meant those cosmetic muzzle breaks would still have an effect on the weapon. Say… if you traded out the Hecate’s muzzle break, which i don’t think reduces recoil very efficiently, with the BFG’s muzzle break, which I do believe reduces vertical recoil much better, you’d have a significant decrease in upward recoil, and then add on a muzzle break “modification” on par with the muzzle break attachment currently in game (to increase muzzle break efficiency), and you have a cosmetically appealing gun that performs the way you want it to.


I guess that makes sense then.

But how would you unlock the option to stick the BFG’s muzzle onto the Hecate’s? Would it be a matter of kills like the other attachments? Or from simply owning the BFG, you have the option to add it to the Hecate?


Owning the lightsaber should help, so that way you can unlock it quicker, that is, if you know how to cut off a barrel well.


I’m assuming you’re joking, but I actually like that idea lmao.


Imagine sawing a damn bfg muzzle brake off with a Lightsaber


the lightsaber is dull tho, it’s round.

ya know what isnt round?

Zero cutter.

and i can help with that


but it sliced through the children in my backyard so easily…


I’d be curious about the recoil recovery tbh.
Probably be worse than the M107.


i don’t know. that’s something i’d let the devs handle