Milestone / Challenges

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Would be very cool to have a list of challenges or “milestones”.
The idea being the same as in every other FPS that has this, (Which is basically all of them i think.)
is that the player has to do a certain amount or certain action which completes the challenge or “milestone” in question. This in turn rewards the player with experience and/or crates/keys.

I think this will affect the game in a positive way because for new players its a good way to rank up and getting into the game.
Also it incentivizes higher rank players to play the game more because there are now preset goals to work towards.

Implementation wise i think it would be a challenge though, even if Stylis has already a sort of challenge system in place to unlock every attachment on weapons.

A couple of examples could be;

  • Sprint for X amount of studs
  • Kill Y amount of enemy’s while under 20HP
  • Play a whole round without dying.
  • Etc, Etc.

(Yes, i know these are practically CoD and/or Bf rip offs as far as my examples go. In my defense, these games did make it feel rewarding to try and complete their respective challenges. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)


Something similar is coming, which is “Daily Missions”.


Great suggestion. Where can we get more users like you?


I like this, I like your recommendations as well bro, this should be more widespread to the mods.


Genuinely cannot tell if this is irony or not


Well excuse me for not seeing decent suggestions on this Forum fucking ever


lmao, what were a few suggestions you actually liked though?


Virtually none of them




Wow savage I think the suggestions are worth thinking about I like having more ways to play


I’m all for suggestions, although I’d prefer more rational ones that have a form of practicality to them, as well as quality. This is one of those suggestions.


I couldn’t tell if your comments above was a snark but I am glad we are on the same page :slight_smile:


I just now realized that people thought I was being sarcastic about this if you couldn’t tell yet, I do approve of this