May I design a new custom website using HTML and CSS?


Hi, so I can code on HTML and CSS(a little bit of Java too) and I was wondering if I can create a new design for this website’s home page? Sadly I dont know PHP to make forum’s so I could only design the home page. Before anyone says yes or no, ill make a test website to show that I can actually code xD. So ill be doing that right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I cant post links??? Well, this is all I could do then: ht&tps://&goo.&gl/&6A3uXY (remove the &'s)


Here is an updated one: https&://goo.&gl/&Zrxy5s (remove the &'s)


Here is another update, sorry, I had MAJOR issues with directories but most of them are fixed now :slight_smile:

https:&//goo.&gl/8f1HOv (remove the &'s)


For the website, click the “Updates” link and I literally added most of the update logs that I could find xD, Ill add more things to the “Home” page later, the “Support” part just takes you to this website which is basically the forums :slight_smile:


Sorry for the link removal, or whatever, its automated. But the style is a built in discourse theme, and unfortunately, they’re not easy to change. Requires a lot of backend programming to fully modify it. I appreciate the offer, but discourse is fine the way it is.

I looked at your theme, its not bad, keep working at HTML and css!


Oh ok, thanks, it was fun doing it :D! Soon I am going to learn Lua, is there way that maybe I can do a clan with you or something? Becuase I really have some great game ideas but I can’t do it all by myself.


Do you mean studio?

& 20 characters


Well, I’m gonna have my own studio, and if you want to join it later on, then we can work together


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