Marksman Rifle Recategorization

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This suggestion is a little different from the norm. I’ve noticed a lack of categorized DMRs in Phantom Forces, and there are some guns that would fit into a DMR category but aren’t classed as such.

Marksman Rifles

A new name for the DMR class, because while some definitely have traits of marksman rifles, their only difference is that they aren’t necessarily “designated.” The new class will basically cover every rifle that is built for long range, but not quite to the same extent as a dedicated sniper rifle, but with benefits like a faster fire rate, better mobility, etc.

Guns I’d want to move to the Marksman Rifle category

Dragunov SVU

Reason: Lacks an infinite 1-hit headshot kill distance, though the TTK to the body is generally… alright. That and it was a DMR before and I thought it fit snugly there.

Mosin Nagant

Reason: It’s more a bolt-action battle rifle than a sniper rifle, though it won’t really fit with the BRs either. So why not in the new Marksman Rifle category?

1858 Carbine

Reason: Ranged performance only beat by sniper rifles. As a bonus, it should be renamed to “1858 Target” to emphasize its new role, after the “1858 Target Carbine” name for the rifle.

Henry 45/70

Reason: The Henry doesn’t quite fit with the other battle rifles. That said, it should fit snugly with the new Marksman Rifle category. Besides that, same reason as the 1858 Carbine.


Reason: It’s flat out a faster handling SVU, at the cost of ballistics and capacity. Addition to this class is a no-brainer imo.


Reason: Its original design intent was as an assassination tool for medium range. Would fit right at home with the new Marksman Rifle class.

Steyr Scout

It’s already a best of both worlds between DMRs and sniper rifles, though the lack of super high power optics and stopping power may make it more suited for this category. Also, it was designed with being the “modern frontier rifle” in mind, rather than an actual sniper rifle.



add kr98k too?
m1 grand?
other old nam/ww2 wepons that fire faster than a sniper?


Many of those weapons could fit in the “Marksman Rifle” category. In fact, the Kar98K is actually a Marksman Rifle in the recent Modern Warfare, which is what I based this suggestion on.


i thought since its featured in battlefield 5 it should be here since this game is inspired by battlefield (ravod911)


Adding a new class of weapons seems more fitting then putting things like the Judge and KAC SSR in the carbine section.


Buff the svu to the svu-a


It’s not a new category, more like a revamped “DMR” category.


Or add the SVU-A as a separate weapon, making it a ridiculously strong, but ridiculously recoil-heavy battle rifle.


As a side note, does anyone know why they randomly decided to categorize the SVU and the SVDS as Snipers? They don’t meet the definition of Sniper Rifle at all. especially the SVU.


SVDS is behaviorally more of a sniper rifle, though I have no clue why the SVU is classed as a sniper rifle.


Alright, I’ll give you that. Just confusing, as IRL they are both classified as DMR’s if I remember correctly.


The svu doesn’t feel like a gun that needs to get a variant. It’s not like aks or m16/m4. Some things just don’t need variants.


I feel they could add the SVU-AS which is the select-fire variant of it. Lessen the damage and recoil, allow the iron sights to be used by default and make it a nifty battle rifle.


I mean we might as well classify all rifles that can one shot to the head at all ranges as a sniper rifle. (in pf of course)


sounds about right for me