Map W.I.P : Country Roads


Okay… So the name may or may not stick. I dunno.

Long story short, I ruined that tunnels map by deleting all of my terrain nodes prematurely… So rip about 5 hours of work.

But… Now, I can make a new map I guess?

Note how the road has curvature, and isn’t flat.
Also, kinda messed it up making in crooked.





This text will be blurred


Update #2

Road has been extended, branches off to what I imagine to be an abandoned building.
Fixed the crookedness of the road.


Update #3

Added the start to a river valley.
Continued the landscape near the abandoned building.
Building will kinda look like this:




I knew someone was gonna say that.


Update #4

The basis for the bridge has been completed.

Terrain for one side has also been completed.


A look without nodes #1

So smooth!


map could be nice, cant wait for more shots


Remember to keep track of the part count


This was never for PF… But, if you’re curious, atm it sits at a nice 1288 parts.



Update #5

Finished river terrain. ( as far as the initial stretch goes.)


Also, have the latest triangle terrain art!


You need some cover on the bridge


Do actually read before you respond?
Oh wait, I forgot you didn’t. Scroll up, and you’ll see


You never said you were going to add cover on the bridge please stop it


Update #6

Redid a bit of the inland terrain.

Extended the road to it’s planned limit.
The road will be sorta like this:

I plan for the road to reach this cliffside state, with ocean below, curve around the planned mountain, and continue beyond.
Of course, the mountain will obstruct any view of this road.