M3 Grease Gun In Shays Builds? COR5 Remastered? Halp


In shays Inventory under “Places” he has a a Place called Grease Gun. When you open it up and actually play it you see this

I also saw shay build this on stream, but will this be a gun in PF? Or will this be in COR5 Remastered if it ever comes out? - Surf


i guess it will be in COR
cus u cant basically ‘attachment’ the Grease

but the design seems PF-ish


Gameplay > Realism

Anything is attachable in Gameplay :smiley:


It looks like the TEC-9 and the MP7 had a child, but turns out the M231 cheated on the TEC-9, mean while the MP7 carried the genetics of the MP5

Soooooo, its a?

TEC-MP12 A231?


Well, there was flash suppressors/hiders, there was also a suppressed barrel for it, and if you really wanted to you could run an optic on it.


Thats really accurate


My head hurt


And I Remer this gun in cor5


Update check out this out: Well, heres some PF news
Shay responded about this.



This gun doesn’t know what it want to be…
pls no kill is jus joke




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