London Underground Map (UPDATE 3)

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I know this is a Reddit contest but thought I’d share here for feedback!

The support on this map is absolutely astounding! Since I am a little tight on time (due date is 20th) I did get a good friend of mine (BattleWiner) to help me out so HUGE THANKS to him!

NEW ALBUM (Sorry about all the other links)

here are screenshots of Update 3!

Please leave feedback!


if this gets added I can’t wait to start spamming KSG


Damn that’s nice


From my observation of the London Bus template you haven’t I’m assume this map is based in London

Can’t wait to play this map


well ya know, other than all the London symbols, taxis (maybe), buses and trains… idk man maybe?


Fire Alarm has to make noise when shot.


Can’t script so idk how


place your bets now

will kids actually try to leave the location when the fire alarm goes off?


That’s better off being placed in the PF engine.

And who here, other than the devs and contributors, ever have access to it anyway?

Having it ring at a random time would be neat and feasible though.


I think my laptop just died.

Nice map though. :slight_smile:






But the alarm would blow up soooooo?


Yeah, right now we are just finishing details on the interior when it comes to stuff for gameplay cover and map flow. We will probably add in more entrances when we get more of the buildings on the outside done. Some of them will be accessable and some will not, jut for the sake of part counts. We will get around to optimization


Probably, might just for fun copy in a window break script and instead of it breaking, it just plays a looped audio of a fire alarm for a 30 second period of time.




To be updated:

  • Sewer System completely revamped
  • Under group re-designed graphically and different layouts to be attempted
  • Other fixes in regards to Shay’s design and map flow/balance.