Let's take a step back: COR4


I think one or two of us can agree that when it comes to the words “Call, of, and Duty” one of the first things that might come to mind is Modern Warfare, the staple, nearly celebrity title of the Call of Duty series. Chaotic, fun multiplayer, simple controls, nothing too advanced. I really miss these types of things, and it was something COR5 captured picture-perfect.

But, for there to be a twist, of a modern era COR would be spectacular. Most of COD4’s guns are already in Phantom Forces, it’s not being lazy to use what you already made, it’s just resourceful. And imagine how fun it would be to play something classic like this, using the feel of COR5, but changing it to better fit the image of “Crazy, and Fun”.

Share your thoughts, guys.


Why should their next project not be something original instead of another copy of another game? Like, I understand creativity is difficult, but there’s no way its been easier to code these huge games than it is to come up with an idea for a game. I could come up with a handful just off the top of my head, though I do that semi-regularly.

I think Stylis Studio’s next FPS should be something original rather than a copy of Modern Warfare or any other game.


Well, what’s so great about this, is that everything is right infront of them. They’re not spending extra time innovating ideas, or planning stuff out. This wouldn’t even be considered the next game, in the time they could have it done.

But I understand what you mean, I just really liked how much of a throwback COR:5 was, and was hoping something like that would happen for Modern Warfare.


I, for one, would like to see innovation rather than them taking years to copy another game. Though innovation is difficult, the rewards are much greater.

I find myself calling Phantom Forces ‘Lego Battlefield’ a ton because that’s pretty much what it is. I wouldn’t be able to do that with an original game, even if it was on Roblox still.


I’d like to, as well. But there’s been a recent downfall in these simplistic FPS games. Last Strike, and COR:5 finally bit the dust, Phantom Forces is all there really is for an iconic FPS experience on ROBLOX. If anything, we need fillers like a COR:5 Remaster, or COR:4. Anything to cement the gaps. They could even use COR:5R/COR:4 as cover-up for a next big title. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


I was thinking if StyLis hired a brand new team, to work on this “original” FPS…

But that’ll be a topic for another time.

What I’d like to contribute to this discussion is that, I’d like to see an FPS with an actual lore behind why they are fighting…

And then, we come to the theme of the FPS…
We can have a War Era themed FPS, something like Unit 1968: Vietnam
Or we can have a futuristic themed FPS, similar to Polyguns

Phantom Forces occurs in a “non-fiction” setting, with real guns…

But coming up with original ideas in the FPS industry is really difficult…
All we see now are clichés and “copies” from one FPS to another…

So what I think StyLis should do, is create a game that’s irrelevant to FPS…

Maybe some better “Vehical Simulator”, that has actually objectives and missions, and putting ROBLOX physics to the limits, as the StyLis Motto goes…

Our goal is to push ROBLOX to it’s limit by creating content that the ROBLOX community can enjoy

If StyLis wants to push ROBLOX to the limit, they shouldn’t have one game for 2 years and more to come…

My definition of “originality” is something “out of the box”…
And this box, is FPS.
Some game with a different genre…

And as of now, StyLis has pushed ROBLOX to the limit…
And I believe that StyLis can go farther than this…

TL;DR: I’d like to see a game outside of the FPS genre


How’s about an open world TPS where.you steal cars, and get money?

Oh wait. Too cliche.


If they remake cor 5, like speculated, it will just have the same shitty engine as pf so a cor 4 is pf


Rpg like swordburst2 except modern(with guns)


And good.