Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


@Darkman_Bree you watered the horse, you rolled a 32,

skip town 3
go into town 3

@urbanestdog45 nothing found


Go into town 3.


you entered town 3,

       -------------night has fallen----------------------


!roll 1


you rolled a 5, you are nearing town 2




!roll 1


@soldierboy_19881 you drank water

@sutton9000 you rolled a 3,


!roll 4


!search, if nothing found, !roll 1


So… what shall I do in Town 3?


standard town shit, it’s night, so the saloon is open



find hotel

go to saloon to eat/get wasted



For eating and drinking, I wanna know what’s on the menu.

To see if I i’m healthy.

Probably will be late, but eh, We need our sleep.


!roll 4


!roll1 I need something interesting or I will go to a town’s bar


@knta12 … there are three users waiting for their actions to be answered


@soldierboy_19881 you rolled a 22, it is nighttime. you are very cold

@urbanestdog45 I need sleep tho

@sutton9000 you rolled a 3, you are cold


standard restaurant food, and alcoholic drinks

your health bar is full

the room will cost $50


I would like to order Bacon with Carrots and Potatoes, and a Waffle as dessert.

And then…
Hotel is too expensive, I’ll sleep on my horse.


you ordered the food. it drained you by $5

you prepared your horse for sleep…

there is rustling in the bushes


check them
proceed to sleep