Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


!roll 3
!view inv


Continue, Finders keepers.


!auto me I can’t check on this every second someone play for me




you restocked

inventory:, x1 1858 revolver, x120 small ammo

you rolled a 9, you have gotten thirsty



you took the horse, you now can roll 6 die!

@sutton9000 go employ somebody

@urbanestdog45 you found some scrap metal, good for turning your 1858 revolver into a carbine




!roll 1


!roll 6

I wanna test that out :wink:


you drank some water.

@Darkman_Bree is thirsty and hungery, you rolled a 32

@urbanestdog45 you are nearing town 2




you drank water

eat beef jerky, health restore value: 6
eat chicken, health restore value: 9


I don’t think I’m too hungry, so I’ll eat a Beef Jerky.


you ate a beef jerky.

you are nearing the exit of death valley, your horse is thirsty


!roll 3


!give horse water
!roll 6




@knta12 !start as bounty hunter


!roll 3


@soldierboy_19881 you rolled a 12, you are nearing a pond, you are thirsty

@sutton9000 while you cant be a bounty hunter, you can become a sponsor and drop crates on other players full of supplies, or you can drop them on locations