Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


Fuck you


!revive self


actually, i’ll allow it.

you have been revived


!kill @sutton9000
!return to last checkpoint

Wait where’s sutton

sry for the edits


they have been hired, and are on the job

you returned to the respawn beacon

you found a dusty rifle… it’s your henry 45-70 he forgot to pick up

i’ll do you a favor. no rolling, he hasnt rolled yet, he is still at the beacon, because darkman never rolled


!kill @sutton9000 with henry rifle and loot body when dead



the henry did it’s job. you collected your stuff, and @Darkman_Bree’s belongings

you got a refund from the hitmen, but still gave them 500 gold a peice




@sutton9000 has died


!roll 4


what are you gonna do about darkman?


Oh yeah

!revive @Darkman_Bree
!drop heavy weapons crate


you resuscitated @Darkman_Bree successfully. you cannot drop crates because you arent a sponsor


Ok it’s still fine


you searched. you found @sutton9000’s belongings.

an An-94 rifle, jammed

A H&K G3, also jammed


!unjam both weapons


you sucsessfully unjamed the An-94. but the G3 is tough


!unjam g3

Where’s the stuff I got from my case unlocks


you hit the G3 with your Redhawk, it came unjammed


Where’s my money, gun vouchers, gold bars, cutlass, and the gold leaf canvas bag