Keep Knta Busy V2 (also, 100th website meta post, Hurah!)


!scream shit in hopes of regaining luck
Roll 2


!open all tier 5 chests


@sutton9000 you have a different curse. it wont take effect until you use a certain command

you rolled a 10 perfect roll bonus applied = 15

you are nearing @Darkman_Bree and @soldierboy_19881.


you received

x4000 gold

x1 silver calvery cutlass

x2 gold bars

x2 free gun vouchers

x1 gold leaf coated canvas bag

(i hope people learned their lesson about canvas bags. some will be curses)


!strangle @Darkman_Bree




not close enough


x1 G3 battle rifle
x1 An-94
x15,750 gold
food and drinks
x2 canvas bags
x180 medium ammo


!shoot An-94 @Darkman_Bree


you shot @Darkman_Bree Twice in the back

-64 health

critacal hit!

-82 health


thats 4 bullets btw


!shoot again


you fired again, ending @Darkman_Breeā€™s life.


!loot him


unable to loot his body because @soldierboy_19881 is too close


!kill them all!!!


@sutton9000 filled @soldierboy_19881 with a full magazine.

@soldierboy_19881 has died


!loot them all


you looted their bodies and recived

x132,735 gold

x1 SA58 SPR

x570 medium ammo

heck ton of food

x1 FAL 50.00

x2 1858 revolvers

x16 gold laced canvas bags

x12 Repair kits

x4 luck insense

x1 AUG A1

x2 beretta M9 pistols


@sutton9000ā€™s received curse of 1000 years fr. me

actually he got my red powder curse as well

maximum rolls has been reduced to one